Shun Art Gallery Tokyo 2nd exhibition “Giraffe’s Neck -Wait Patiently-” will be held from June 30th to August 8th

Duration : June 30th (Tue) to August 8th (Sat) 12: 00-19: 00  (closed on Monday)

Opening reception : July 4th (Sat), 2020  16: 00-19: 00

Venue:Clinic Mall 3rd floor, 2-2-4 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tel : 03-6426-0726

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Exhibiting Artists :
松枝 悠希 | Yuki MATSUEDA
内田 江美 | Emi UCHIDA
和田 咲実 | Sakumi WADA
上根 拓馬 | Takuma KAMINE
工藤 修司 | Shuji KUDO
吉田 ナオヤ | Naoya YOSHIDA
加藤 智大| Tomohiro KATO
シムラ ヒデミ | Hidemi SHIMURA


The second Shun Art Gallery Tokyo opening exhibition will be held under the title ” Giraffe’s Neck, Wait Impatiently “.

This title came from a Japanese saying “首を長くして待つ – long your neck and wait something impatiently -“. The coronavirus problem that started in China at the end of January has yet to settle in Japan, and people are waiting for the situation to improve, with various activities limited.

In this way, it’s hard to say in a loud voice, “Please come and see our exhibition,” but as long as there are artists who continue to make artworks, we think it is the mission of the art gallery to continue introducing artists and artworks, so Shun Art Gallery will hold the second exhibition.

Depending on the situation, it is possible that this exhibition will be reserved only as the same as our first exhibition “Power of Life”, but we will actively introduce these artworks on our website and SNS, etc. We are willing to introduce artworks by whatever method we can do.


松枝 悠希 | Yuki MATSUEDA
Born in Ibaraki, Japan. Graduated from Tokyo Art University of the Arts with a degree in design, and completed a doctoral course at the Tokyo University of the Arts graduate school.
His artworks has been highly acclaimed at exhibitions and art fairs in Shanghai. He has also exhibited at numerous exhibitions and art fairs overseas such as the United States, France, South Korea, and Taiwan.
Everything in his artwork, such as eggs, quail eggs, emergency exits, traffic signs, playing cards, etc., is moving, and the power to break the set rules and jump out is expressed in his artworks. In addition, his artwork has humor, willingness to live and hope for life.

内田 江美 | Emi UCHIDA
Born in Yamanashi, Japan. Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design.
Became an artist after working as a fashion designer.
Exhibited at art fairs and international exhibitions in Europe, America, Mexico, Turkey and other Asian countries. There have been many activities in Taiwan over the past few years, and in 2016, the third solo exhibition as a Japanese was held after Yayoi Kusama and Takashi Murakami at the entrance hall GALLERY 101 of Taipei 101 Tower, a landmark tower in Taiwan. In 2018, solo exhibitions were held at Kaohsiung City Cultural Bureau, Kaohsiung City Cultural Center and Miura Museum of Art in Japan.
A solo exhibition will be held at the Setouchi City Museum of Art in August 2020.

和田 咲実 | Sakumi WADA
Born in Kumamoto, Japan, graduated from Kumamoto Prefectural Technical High School Interior Design Department, Fukuoka University of Education.
Has many exhibitions and awards in Japan, China, and the United Kingdom.
Based on her experience of general art such as marching and creative dance, she creates an animation with the theme of expanding physical expression, and expresses shapes and movements that the human body can not do with animation.
The work depicts the lively appearance, enthusiasm, and swell of the who live now and who enjoy peace.

上根 拓馬 | Takuma KAMINE
Born in Osaka, Japan. Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, Department of Fine Arts, majored in Painting.
His artworks are exhibited at solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, art fairs in the Unites States, Japan, Shanghai, Taipei, etc. many times.
His work is an attempt to model old and new Japanese culture as a metaphor for contemporary Japan. Sometimes the work that has a real animal bone on the “face” pursues the theme of what is Japanese.

工藤 修司 | Shuji KUDO
Born in Tokyo. Graduated from Senshu University, Faculty of Business, Hikomizuno Jewelry College.
Founder of the jewelry brand “Node by KUDO SHUJI”.
His jewelry and three-dimensional works give an architect-like vision. The delicate curves, with attention to detail, are clean, unobtrusive, simple and pleasing to the viewer. The atmosphere created by the curve is very deep, quiet and solitary.

吉田 ナオヤ | Naoya YOSHIDA
Born in Niigata, Japan. Lives in Tokyo. After graduating from Chuo University Faculty of Commerce (Marketing), worked at several design production companies and became independent in 2013. Established Hiba Co., Ltd. in 2019.
Besides working as a graphic designer, he also works as an artist. At Shinsuisha Co., Ltd., which he belonged from 2007 to 2012, he had been active in a wide range of areas such as establishing a music label and publishing department. Founder of the free magazine “pink”. He also received many awards. Formal member of JAGDA (Japan Graphic Designers Association).
His work consists of different layers of black, minimalistic, quiet, self-reliant and imposing.

加藤 智大 | Tomohiro KATO
Born in Tokyo. After graduating from the graduate school of Tama Art University, he started working at a metal processing company to improve his skills. Then he started his carrier as an artist.
He is one of the artists who has been attracting attention in recent years, such as winning the Masamichi Katayama Award at “Geisai Taiwan # 2” in 2011 and winning the grand prize at the 16th Taro Okamoto Contemporary Art Award.
Consistently using iron as the material, he works on the theme of the relationship between substances and society.


シムラ ヒデミ | Hidemi SHIMURA
Born in Shizuoka, Japan. Graduated from Musashino Art Univ. majored in fashion design in Tokyo. After graduate, she worked as a 3DCG creator for some years. Then she started her activity as a contemporary artist.
She exhibited her artworks many tomes in Japan, Shanghai, and other cities in Europe and the U.S.. In 2007, she moved to Shanghai and did activities as an artist there. She moved back to Japan in 2013.
Her artworks produced using thread is intended to reflect the world around us, such as the connection between people and the connection between people and the world.

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