Giraffe’s Neck -Wait Patiently-

Duration : 12: 00-19: 00

Opening : 2020.06.30 (星期二) - 2020.08.30 (星期日)

Venue : 日本东京港区台场2-2-4 Clinic Mall 3F

Tel : +81 (0) 3-6426-0726

Web :

Artist :
松枝 悠希 | Yuki MATSUEDA
内田 江美 | Emi UCHIDA
和田 咲実 | Sakumi WADA
上根 拓馬 | Takuma KAMINE
工藤 修司 | Shuji KUDO
吉田 直也 | Naoya YOSHIDA
加藤 智大 | Tomohiro KATO
志村 英美 | Hidemi SHIMURA

The second Shun Art Gallery Tokyo opening exhibition will be held under the title ” Giraffe’s Neck, Wait Impatiently “.

This title came from a Japanese saying “首を長くして待つ – long your neck and wait something impatiently -“. The coronavirus problem that started in China at the end of January has yet to settle in Japan, and people are waiting for the situation to improve, with various activities limited.

In this way, it’s hard to say in a loud voice, “Please come and see our exhibition,” but as long as there are artists who continue to make artworks, we think it is the mission of the art gallery to continue introducing artists and artworks, so Shun Art Gallery will hold the second exhibition.

Depending on the situation, it is possible that this exhibition will be reserved only as the same as our first exhibition “Power of Life”, but we will actively introduce these artworks on our website and SNS, etc. We are willing to introduce artworks by whatever method we can do.