Charles Tsunashima | 纲岛·查尔斯


Charles TSUNASHIMA|纲岛·查尔斯|綱島 チャールズ 纲岛·查尔斯是一个多元文化跨学科的设计师。目前工作生活于东京,设计制造手工产品给全球的客户。 查尔斯1974年生于日本东京,有法国母亲和日本父亲,从小沉浸在多国文化的环境中。从幼年起,生活和工作在跨越3大洲的4个国家,英国,日本,法国和意大利。 母亲的医疗护理鞋垫职业的精致,促使查尔斯终身欣赏手工艺和对材料感觉敏锐。这兴趣引领他在Rhode岛设计学校,持续锻造自身对完美,精致和细节的追求。 查尔斯追求创新、环保、永恒经典的设计,同时解决家具这一亲密的环境对人们的影响,给他们带来的舒适性、确定性和幸福感。 教育背景 2000 罗得岛设计学院的美术硕士(纺织品) 1997 美术学士罗得岛设计学院-(工业设计) 1993 圣玛丽国际学校国际文凭(IB) 职业生涯 2006至今 genereight公司,东京,日本-创始人/设计总监 2012 多摩美术大学讲师-未来工艺 2006-2007 Knoll Inc. 营销总监-日本 2004-2006 自由设计师 建筑设计师,东京,日本。 平面/网页设计师,米兰,意大利。 2001-2004 三宅一生公司,东京,日本 2004 haath设计部门设计及设计管理 2001-2002 一块布-公共关系和项目协调员 2003 kishibe芭蕾舞工作室,东京,日本 服装视觉设计 2001 kishibe芭蕾舞工作室,东京,日本TCBY服装设计 2000 北达科他州杰克逊Inc.,纽约,美国 家具设计制造 CHARLES TSUNASHIMA Charles TSUNASHIMA is a multicultural, cross disciplinary designer based in Tokyo, Japan, delivering products to a global clientele with a conceptualization to fabrication, hands-on approach to design. Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1974 to a French mother and a Japanese father, Charles was raised immersed in an international environment from a young age. Charles has lived and worked in 4 countries spanning 3 continents and juggles English, Japanese, French and Italian seamlessly. Inspired by the refinement of his mother’s handmade paramedical insole occupation, Charles developed a lifelong appreciation for craftsmanship and sensitivity to materials. This interest lead him to his formative years at Rhode Island School of Design where he developed a dedication for perfection, refinement and detail. Charles has since worked for establishments such as Issey Miyake and Knoll, aquiring global design standards in quality, professionalism and uniqueness. He pursues innovative, environmentally conscious, timeless designs bridging generations while addressing the influence of furniture on people’s intimate environment, bringing them comfort, definition and happiness. Education 2000 Rhode Island School of Design -Masters of Fine Arts (Textiles) 1997 Rhode Island School of Design -Bachelor of Fine Arts (Industrial Design) 1993 St. Mary’s International School – International Baccalaureate (IB) Professional history 2006-Present Genereight Inc., Tokyo, Japan, Founder / Principal 2012 Tama Art University Instructor – Future Craft 2006-2007 Knoll Inc., Marketing Director – Japan 2004-2006 Freelance design Architectural designer, Tokyo, Japan Graphic/web designer, Milano, Italy 2001-2004 Issey Miyake Inc., Tokyo, Japan 2002-2004 HaaTH Design department – Design and design management 2001-2002 A-POC -Public Relations and project coordinator 2003 Kishibe Ballet Studio / Unit “Kimiho”, Tokyo Japan Vision of Energy costume design 2001 Kishibe Ballet Studio / Unit “Kimiho”, Tokyo Japan TCBY-Costume design 2000 Dakota Jackson Inc., New York, USA Furniture prototypes- Design and fabrication