HARUMI Yonekawa|米川温美


HARUMI Yonekawa|米川温美

Lives and works in Tokyo.

HARUMI Yonekawa has explored various lens-based media such as photography and sculpture for her installations since the early 90’s, and has developed an in-depth understanding and pursuing relationships between the existence of the body and the possibilities of the reality.

Since the early 90’s, HARUMI Yonekawa has been creating a series of installations called “COEXISTENCE OF INSIDE”. Her works combine visual image(self portrait), sculpture and sometime using soil, water or daily products, creates her art musing on our fundamental issues, for example, “Body and death” and “Existence and unconsciousness”. She employs her body itself and biographical elements through questions of identity, origin, existence and reality for her works.

For several years of her silence, recently she has started new project which will be showing new works.


HARUMI Yonekawa

1992   Completed Postgraduate Studies at TAMA ART UNIVERSITY

1990   Graduated fromTAMA ART UNIVERSITY


2016   VOGUE  FASHION’S NIGHT OUT “on the table 2016” Norton gallery/Tokyo

2012   New project started

2006/7 “New Year Greeting Cards from Japanese Artists/Galerija SKC/Montenegro

2005   “Season one” /Gallery Q/Tokyo(solo)

2005   “Season two” /Gallery Q/Tokyo(solo)

2005   “Repliques” project/Laboratoire Sculpture Urbaine/Grenoble, France

2005     Last spurt 2005”/Gallery Q/Tokyo(solo)

2003    Gallery Q 20years Anniversary Exhibition/Gallery Q/Tokyo

2001    New Generation works/Gallery Natsuka b.p /Tokyo

1999   “Ryuko Bijyutsu”/art house nanafukutei/Aichi

1997   “DREAM OF EXISTENCE”/Museum Kiscsll/Budapest, Hangary

1995    Gallery Q/Tokyo(solo)

1995   THE INNER TIUE/Imagination Factory OTTO/Yokohama

1995   TAMA VIVANT ’95/Gallery SPACE 21, Tama Art University/Tokyo

1994   “Focusing on A New Generation in Japan’94-Statements from 10 Galleries”/Gallery Lunami/Tokyo

1994   Handy Works by Hands/Gallery Lunami/Tokyo

1993   Memory’s Gallery/Nagoya(solo)

1993   Handy Works by Hands/Gallery Lunami/Tokyo

1993   “MY HOME IS YOUR HOME”/Constraction in Procese Foundation/Lodz, Poland

1993   “MY HOME IS YOUR HOME” Report Exhibition/Gallery Lunami/Tokyo

1992   Gallery Natsuka/Tokyo(solo)

1992   Gallery Q/Tokyo(solo)

1992   NICAF ’92/Gallery Q’s Booth/Yokohama

1992   LUNAMI Selection ’92/Gallery Lunani/Tokyo

1991   Gallery Q/Tokyo(solo)

1991   Gallery Lunami/Tokyo(solo)

1991   Aggressive ’91/Gallery Q/Tokyo

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