Toyomi HOSHINA|保科 豊巳


保科豊巳 Hoshina Toyomi

Birth, 1953
Currently Tokyo University of the Arts, Vice President, Professor
Kyoto Art University Professor
Atami Yamaguchi Art Museum Director
1979.3 Tokyo University of the Arts, Oil Painting Major, Graduated
1981.3 Tokyo University of the Arts, Master’s program, oil painting major, Graduated
1984.3 Tokyo University of the Arts, Fine Art Major,Ph,D
Solo Exhibition
1980 Kobayashi Gallery, Tokyo Japan
1985 Natsuka Art Gallery, Tokyo Japan
1991 The line barely stand between day and night,Temporary Space, Sapporo Japan
1993 Galleria Finate,Nagoya Japan
2006 Galerie Omotesando, Mori Gallery, Tokyo Japan
2008 Galerie Omotesando, Tokyo Japan
2011 Galerie Omotesando「Akihiko Takami Project」,Tokyo Japan
2011 K Gallery, Korea
2016 Light of Darkness,The Art Museum of Nanking,Nanking China
2016 Heart Imprint ,Shanghai painting and Sculpture Museum, Shanghai China
2018 Light of Darkness,Kobayashi Gallery,Tokyo Japan
2020 Light of Darkness,Kobayashi Gallery,Tokyo Japan
2020 Light of Darkness,Umeno Kinen Museum,Nagano Japan
Group Exhibition
1981 EVENT BY SNOW FIELD, Nagano Japan
1982 12th Paris Biennale, Museum of Modern Art, Paris, France
1983 Material and Space, Fukuoka Museum, Fukuoka Japan
1983 Contemporary Japan, Swiss National Historical and Art Museum Geneva Swiss
1984 Style of Today-Wood and Paper Exhibition, Gifu Prefectural Museum, Gifu Japan
1985 The 3rd International Sculpture Biennale, Sukironio Museum, Athens Greece
1986 Contemporary Japan,National Contemporary Art Museum Taipei, Taiwan
1987 The Individual installation,Spir、Tokyo Japan
1988 Germany・Japan・Shinshū’s modern sculpture exhibit, Nagano Prefectural Shinano
Art Museum, Nagano Japan
1989 Art Event in Sapporo, Temporary Space, Hokkaido Japan

1990 Research C.OProject, Leiden Netherland
1993 Japan-China art exhibition ,Hiroshima Japan
1994 Chiba・Art Now, Sakura City Museum of Art, Chiba Japan
1996 Intermediary expression・paper, Yamanashi Prefecture Museum of Art, Kofu Japan
1997 Contemporary Japanese Art National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art,
1998 Pacific Modern Museum, Fuzhou Municipal Art Museum Fuzhou China
1999 Dusseldorf Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition, Dusseldorf / kunstrium,
2000 Human、Nature、and Pray, Nagano Prefectural Shinano. Art Museum, Nagano Japan
2000 The Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial, The Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial, Niigata Japan
2002 10th Lantern・of・the・east・avex・in L.A L.A U.S.A.
2003 「collaboration exhibition」 Walch Gallery,Chicago、U.S.A.
2004 Exhibition of two(Toyomi Hoshina、Atsushi Kitagawara)Ars gallery, Tokyo. Japan
2005 「VOICE OF SITE」New York Exhibition SVA Gallery/New York USA
2005 1st「Sustainable Art Exhibition」 Tokyo Japan
2009 Contemporary art DROWING Exhibition「scenery」Tokyo University of The Arts, Tokyo
2010 International Exchange Exhibition 2010,National Taiwan University of Arts,Taiwan
2010 「Environmental art」Exhibition, Museum of Hawaii University, Hawaii USA
2012 「paper non-paper」Exhibition Central Academy of Fine Arts、Beijing China
2014 Modern Sumi Art Exhibition, Kobe MUSEAM,Kobe Japan
2017 House of listen to the sounds of rain,Senseki Garden Museum, Hiroshima, japan
2019 Hangzhou modern calligraphy art Exhibition「written, non-written」,Central Academy.
of Fine Arts Museum,Hangzhou China
2021 TENKU Art Festival「Reconstruction after the Collapse」Exhibition,Nagano Japan
2022 Setouchi Triennale 2022「The night dream at Okushima」,Takamatsu Japan
2022 Tang poetry Road China-Japan Artists joint exhibition「China Academy of Art」,
Shanghai China
1980 Got purchased from JAPAN PRINT ASSOCIATION
1984 Asia Art of Today〈Grand prix Award〉, Hong Kong Art Center
1992 Japan Architectural Crafts Association Grand Awards


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