Winter is coming, can spring be far behind?

Emi Uchida

Duration: Dec 10, 2011 (Sat
– Feb 10, 2012
Opening: Dec 10, 2011 (Sat) 1600 – 1900
Address: Rm103/208, Building3, No.50 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai

Tel /Fax: 8621 5252 7198

A New Cosmos Born of Obliteration
Yoshio Kato  Independent curator

Especially striking were Uchida’s paintings. From a distance, they offered the appearance of intermingled planes of color. But on closer inspection, they revealed a dense interplay of lines suggestive of a network of nerve cells. Accompanying the overlapping of lines were brief swatches of red, blue, yellow, and other colors.

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