The first exhibition in Tokyo space “Power of Life” is opening on May 16th through June 20th

Duration : May 16th (Sat) – June 20th (Sat),2020 12:00~19:00

Venue : Clinic Mall 3F, the Towers Daiba Build. , 2-2-4 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tel : 03-6426-0726

Web :

Artist :
コバヤシ 麻衣子 | Maiko KOBAYASHI
佐藤 令奈 | Haruna SATO
ジョージ ハヤシ | George HAYASHI
しまうち みか | Mika SHIMAUCHI
新藤 杏子|Kyoko SHINDO
中村 綾花|Ayaka NAKAMURA
若田 勇輔|Yusuke WAKATA
オーマ | Ouma

The world is now stressed out by unexpected surprises that began in 2020. Many people may have noticed that human beings are actually surprisingly weak enough to be threatened by invisible small things like viruses.
At the same time, We were impressed by weak human beings have survived until now, and have been reconsidered of our involvement with many other lives on Earth.
The Shun Art Gallery in Shanghai is opening a Tokyo blanch this time, and the opening happened to be at such an unstable moment, but after consideration, the first exhibition title is named as “命の力 -Power of Life-“.
We hope that the “power of life” expressed by each artist will give each person a chance to imagine our future, which will survive one crisis and regenerate our life.

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