“Spring . Sleep . Smile .” is opening on Apr.29, Closed until Jun.22

Duration:    Apr.29, 2018(Sun.) – Jun.22, 2018(Fri.) 12am-8pm
Opening:    Apr.29, 2018(Sun.) 4pm-7pm
Artist:         SHIRIAGARI Kotobuki
Producer:   Shun
Host:          Shun Art Gallery 
Address:    Room 108, No. 3, Lane 1363, Central Fuxing Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Ticket:   50 /CNY
Tel:           +86 (0)21 5496 1918
Web:         www.shunartdesign.com
Email:       gallery@shunartdesign.com
This time we are preparing a solo exhibition of Japanese artist SHIRIAGARI Kotobuki. 尻上がりin Japanese means getting better and better. The first exhibition in Shanghai is also a small-scale retrospective exhibition of the artist, through which we can have a rough idea of his entire artistic career. 
The original manga and works of the artist at various periods, which were created when he was a cartoonist, will be displayed in the entry hall. While his paintings will be displayed in another room with the whole room full of ink-wash paintings created by the artist on the spot. His world will fill the whole space; there’s also a room displaying his image works. 
These works look kawaii, adorable and relaxing. But after burst out laughing, if you give it a second thought, you will see that what the artist tries to express through these works is serious. 


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