“Out of line” is opening on Jan.20th, Closed until Mar.10th

Out of Line
Duration:    Jan.20th, 2019 (Sun.) – Mar.10th, 2019 (Sun.) 12pm – 8pm
Artist:         ebc, Yusuke SUGIZAKI, Kanna INOUE, Ryo MIZUNO, Maiko KOBAYASHI, SHIRIAGARI Kotobuki, CHEN Baoguo, Gong He, ZHOU Tiehai
Producer:   Shun
Host:           Shun Art Gallery 
Address:     Room 108, No. 3, Lane 1363, Middle Fuxing Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Tel:             +86 (0)21 5496 1918
Web:            www.shunartdesign.com
Email:          gallery@shunartdesign.com 
It seems like we lose our way nowadays. Whether it is in the era of Cold War or so-called New Cold War, we seem to have cut off the need of theoretical basis after Karl Marx’s Das Kapital, and smashed into a dead end in direst cruelty. The selfish faithlessness is everywhere. In China, we are over-promoting the term “positive energy”. But since both positive and negative are needed to achieve balance, why only positive one is emphasized? Isn’t it a new version of Ah Q, (*a character created by Lu Xun in his novel The True Story of Ah Q, famous for his “spiritual victories” and self-deception when faced with extreme defeat or humiliation.)
The world worships science. As we enjoy the convenience brought by scientific and technological advance, we are also manipulated or controlled by the machines we invented. Be it the philosophical history of desire or the capitalism of desire, let us expect that the redemption of art can be the last hope of the era.

We need to prepare for the the winter to come, but the Spring is not far away. The exhibition “Out of Line”「不像漾」, is to encourage ourselves and others and together we wish the spring could return with its warmth and spirit.


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