“Giraffe’s Neck -Wait Patiantly-” Exhibition Period Extended and about Summer Vacation -Shun Art Gallery Tokyo-

The “Giraffe’s -Wait Patiently-” exhibition at Shun Art Gallery Tokyo in Odaiba, Tokyo will be extended until August 30 (Sun) . Please come to see our exhibition when you come nearby.

Please note that August 10th (Mon) to 17th (Mon) will be closed due to summer vacation.

Please watch the video of the dialogue between each exhibiting artist and the gallery owner. We are talking about how we spent each covid-19 period and about the artworks.

You can see all the exhibited works in the online store.


Giraffe’s Neck -Wait Patiantly-

Duration : June 30th (Sat)-August 30th (Sun) 12:00~19:00
(closed on Monday, August 10th (Monday) to 17th (Monday) Summer vacation)

Address : 2-2-4 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo Clinic Mall 3F

Exhibiting Artists:

松枝 悠希 | Yuki MATSUEDA
内田 江美 | Emi UCHIDA
和田 咲実 | Sakumi WADA
上根 拓馬 | Takuma KAMINE
工藤 修司 | Shuji KUDO
吉田 ナオヤ | Naoya YOSHIDA
加藤 智大| Tomohiro KATO
シムラ ヒデミ | Hidemi SHIMURA


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