NEW POP—Art + Fashion Exhibition is coming soon

Exhibition:NEW POP—Art + Fashion Exhibition
Duration:Oct.19, 2013(Sat) – Nov.26, 2013(Tue.)10:00-19:00
Opening:Oct.19, 2013(Sat) 21:00~23:00
Artists:Gong Xinru (China), Kim Junsik (Korea), Yuki Matsueda (Japan) 
Fashion Designer:Choi Changho (Korea)
Venue: Shun Art Gallery 
                 Rm103/208, Building 3, No.50 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai
Tel/Fax:8621 5252 7198
“NEW POP” is a created word. It’s relative to the concept of the first session of political pop art in China. Political pop art appeared in the 1980s and 1990s after the long closed period of China and became the most popular art expression, which met the Western capitalist society’s curiosity of exploring unknown mystery under Chinese political form like a man being eager to lift a girl’s thin veil. And now, the artists who were born in 1970s or 1980s begin to break away from politics, and instead, they create works with borderless concepts, humorous, profound and interesting self-reflection, but without being indifferent to social issues.
Korean fashion designer Choi Changho, who appears frequently in fashion weeks in China, Japan and Korea, is also invited to arrange a retrospective fashion exhibit in this exhibition. Showcasing the new performance of contemporary art with current fashion elements in the same space, we hope our attempts will bring you the pleasant imagination and relaxing feelings like a daydream…


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