“Lumière” is opening on Feb.7

Exhibition: Lumière
Duration: Feb.7, 2015(Sat.) – Mar.22, 2015(Sun.) 10am-18pm
Opening: Feb.7, 2015(Sat.) 16pm-19pm
Artists:         Hitomi UCHIKURA(Japan)
Curator: Shun
Venue: Shun Art Gallery 
Address: No.28 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai
Tel/Fax: +86 21 5252 7198
Web: www.shunartdesign.com
Email: gallery@shunartdesign.com

Artist said, gaze of light is the only feel that can be connected in our human senses and almost beyond any of words.

Light, appeared under the different wall of race, religion, national, gender, etc. 
Only of the moment that we stare at the light together, we open the invisible cold and hard wall, tried to trust each other, understand, or to respect on each other. Light, is the key to these all.


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