Beyond – Song Yonghua × Koo Bona is opening on Jun.21, Closed until Aug. 3

Exhibition: Beyond – Song Yonghua × Koo Bona
Duration:         Jun 21, 2014 (Sat) – Aug 3, 2014 (Sun)10:00-18:00
Opening:         Jun 21, 2014 (Sat) 16:00-19:00
Artists: Song Yonghua(China)、Koo Bona(Korea)
Curator:         Shun
Venue:         Shun Art Gallery 
Rm. 103/208, Building 3, No.50, Moganshan Rd, Shanghai
Tel/Fax:     86 21 5252 7198
Song Yonghua manage the traditional elements handily. Look at his picture, as if looking at the old photo album, recall the former face of the lifelike and let people moved.
Koo Bona’s pictures didn’t stay in the world of the past recall with nostalgia, but is for the life cycle of philosophical discussion. 


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