Vertically & Horizontally · Nether energy 64 changing

Duration : 12:00 - 20:00

Opening : Aug 4,2018 (Sat) -- Aug 26,2018 (Sun)

Venue : Room 108, No. 3, Lane 1363, Middle Fuxing Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

Tel : +86 (0)21 5496 1918/+86 (0)21 5496 1918

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Artist : XING Gang

From August 4th to August 26th, 2018. Shun Art Gallery is proud to present “Vertically & Horizontally · Nether energy 64 changing”, a Chinese artist XING Gang’s solo exhibition in Shanghai. 

[ Xing Gang’s Universe Theater : Vertically & Horizontally, Nether energy 64 changings ]


By Luo Xi (Curator)

2018.04.08 Artist Interview, Beijing(III)Studio

2018.07.21 Edited by, Polaris Force Archives


Theater of Universe, travel the cosmic and view the dimensions of longitude and latitude; a reflection of nature principle of the earth. The energy of void come from the universe generated 64 changings. Changings exist in various forms, adhering to the nature principle, airing and dropping in their very existing. 64 Gua is recorded at “Yi Jing” (The Book of Changing), which derived as the divinatory symbols from ancient Chinese observing the cosmic. The Changings aren’t simply the symbols themselves but tracks of the sports of endless changing, aka, the ultimate truth of 64 changings.        


Xing Gang’s art project “Theater of Universe” are colossal, from the early art production of “Yin Yun, the light of universe” (2002~2004), “Virtual Image”(2004~2010), to “Aura: dialogue of the cosmic”(2011~2012), “Theater of Universe: dialogue of the cosmic” (2012), “Theater of Universe: Sumeru Mountain” (2012~2013), “Theater of Universe: Round Sky and Square Ground” (2012~2015), are the continuum of pondering of 17 years, the mediation in artist’s different life phrases and minds. We witnessed the walk of artist growing throughout his observation of art and life value. The 57th Venezia Biennale project “Earth life Books project: Meta-life Art Research, European Pavilion of San Marino” reflected a view of cosmic of oriental civilization, large installation of the exhibition “Round Sky and Square Ground” of “Area” showcased the Venice palace of hundred years history. The European academic circle wouldn’t take serious of the art created by the Asian in the language of western art method, instead they will be tremendously impressed by the absolute and pure oriental art form expression. 


“Vertically & Horizontally” and “Nether energy 64 changings” from the Theater of Universe, are the extensions of the artist inner view toward the cosmic. Artwork’s object represents “theater” and the character of changing is both visible and invisible, the sizes are both large and tiny, all sharped by the viewers’ own perspectives. The universal standard of contemporary art (post post-modern art) is pale, the meaning of new phrase of art developing is to denying the many forms of overexpose, loose, naïve, culture of ruffian and violence of body languages, stepping into a new direction of the possible of existing therefore mining the treasures of nowadays culture. In Xing Gang’s Theater of Universe art project, the expressed changing can’t be seen as the equivalents of paintings or installations, nor abstract art, the prospection of the artworks aren’t fitted in old art logic. Artist himself talked his art was creating “the area”, a true existing energy field while in a non formalism method. The audiences and artist telepathically talked in this area, communicate, bump, resonate, transmit, and interact within endless possible. 


Nether, the universe is the space carrying all kinds’ particles. Nether and particles consist the world and becoming the main elements of universe. Nether possess the character of concluding or existing, the energy from nether are powerful and invisible, in here your percept are based on instinct. A new area for the future art: evolving to an instinct perception from the reality. In the artist youth Xing Gang observed the objects based on his instinct, received and acted. During the early year of his career he researched “the dialogue of Universe Theater” though art, as a product of his instinct. 64 Gua from Yi Jing (The book of changing), record 64 difference things, scenarios, moral in circumstances and the nature principles, they are the essence of oriental culture custom. In all, it implied the nether energy filled in the reality world. 


“Vertically & Horizontally, Nether energy 64 changings” from the Universe Theater indicates the artist’s a more pure academic pursuit. When Xing Gang was young, he grew up under the strict training from his teacher, the daily practice was line drawing on the posters of wall using Chinese brush, as a discipline to correct children’s impatience, strength his willpower or developed his ability of penmanship control. The child are the most innocent, curious and imaginary, being demanded to practice such dull and mechanic works was no doubtful a tournament to him at his youth. With the time pass, days by days, years by years, it drilled into the artist’s mind. “Aura”, “Skills”, “Form”, “Lining”, “Construct” and practice the strength of brush usage…those virtues of orthodox ink art education are the result from the artist teacher strict training. Later artist didn’t just follow the traditional path for the ink artist, he took root in these tradition and explore at the context of international contemporary art scene. Therefore, his child year practice of line drawing at 5, became the insight, toward the very core of oriental civilization: travelling the cosmic, viewing the dimensions of longitude and latitude, the reflection of nature principle of the cosmic, round sky and square ground, south and north are the longitude, east and west are the latitude, together the frame the world. 


“Vertically & Horizontally, Nether energy 64 changings” was painted on linen, it copped in the artist very philosophy on the fact of the fabric itself is made by thousands of strings. Ink art is the heritage of oriental civilization, the absolute color “Black” and “White” are the ultimate aesthetic of abstract. It won’t be matter with what kind of media of artworks but a direct speak of artist or the fitting creation within the premise of nowadays aesthetic development. In Xing Gang’s word, the premiere part of art is to sense the true “being” of his inner heart. During Xing Gang’s experimental time, “Meta, Leftover”(2013-2015), the papers he worked on became the vessel of universe particles existing in the infinite universe. During that stage, the paper as art media reaches to the media character’s very counterpoint (Meta, Leftover-Endless Dimension, Xing Gang). In that, he said that he already reached the limitation on the paper art media. 


Every audiences aren’t just the audiences, to quote Beuys words that “Everyone is an artist”. In my understanding, he was expected everyone would sense the tremendous power or impact of spirit when he/she possess the artistic perspective and thinking, like the case of autistic child curing though the art creation, or the patient of mental disease trouble would ease themselves with art appreciation. Art will alert human’s behavior and reach to their very core of wisdom. To understand “le nozze di Figaro”, the inspiration symphony need the knowledge of late 18thFrench, the actual society environment and composer Mozart’s life or thinks. Listening “Third piano concerto” by La Nino, drive the audiences to experience the robust strength of Russia spirits or lives and appreciate the artist’s personal charm. All kinds of arts are the leader of their pondering and creation.   


Those un-systemic words can’t conclude my many thoughts, a sudden glaze of artworks, the smooth feeling came back. The perspective of liberty is passing though the artworks simple vertical & horizontal lines.