Relocation Art Project-Things and Memories-

Duration : 12:00-19:00(Colsed:Mon)

Opening : Mar.6th.2021(sat)~ Mar.21th.2021(sun)

Venue : Clinic Mall3F 2-2-4 Daiba Miyatoku Tokyo

Tel : +81 (0) 3-6426-0726

Web :

Artist : SHUN

Shun Art Gallery Tokyo will hold Shun’s solo exhibition “Relocation Art Project-Memory from Paris” on March 6, 2021 (Saturday). As the owner of the gallery, Shun will exhibit works created during her study in Paris (including dozens of unpublished works).

Relocation Art Project-Things and Memories-

~ Memories from Paris ~

Scientists say that time does not exist. However, we live 24 hours a day.
Most people wake up at a fixed time every morning, go to work after hurriedly having breakfast, have lunch near the office, go home after work, and go to bed at a fixed time, day by day. But scientists say that time does not exist.
So, why we invent the watch

My life has changed a lot during the pandemic time. At the beginning of 2021, I went to my long-lost studio in Kyushu to sort things out. There was luggage I sent back during my study in Paris—Artworks, books, clothing, and other items.
Photos, of course, a large number of books, clothes
, and jewelry, especially letters, these “objects” are sealed with memories. 16 years have passed.

In those photos, I am very slim, wearing S-size clothes are (now I can’t put myself in them), besides the photos, there are economics books from my school days and reference materials related to fashion design, as well as notes when conducting business surveys. In Kyushu, two friends helped me clean up the warehouse and handled about half of the items. After the remaining items arrived in Tokyo, I processed more and sorted them out. Now, what to abandon, what to choose. Even if time does not exist, life may be a series of choices. Is the thing you are desperately protecting valuable? Am I with someone who understands my worth now? I can’t help asking myself.

Because it is difficult for me to discard my belongings, I carried out various [disposal] with the help of employees. All this looks like material for making installations. I can’t throw it away. Clothes are old clothes and can also be used for creation.
If you do not make judgments and “will not reject those who come”, your quality of life will deteriorate, and you will eventually be influenced by strange “things”.

I remembered what happened when I asked Nippon Express to move at the end of my study abroad career in Paris. There are many broken light bulbs in the kitchen drawer of the Paris apartment. The light bulbs in Paris often break down. I kept all the light bulbs that broke when I was studying abroad. I remember someone from the moving company asked me: “Is this garbage?” I simply disposed of them. I want to make a device, show it once at an exhibition, leave the image and then throw it away, but it is impossible to bring a broken light bulb back in a cardboard box. This is also true.

Fragments of “memory” that permeate “things”. At that time, I found jewelry from three centuries ago at the flea market that cost only 1 euro, Gaultier’s perfume bottles, and bundles of long-forgotten letters. Of course, there are memories I loved deeply. But there is no eternity, time may change everything. In that small balcony in Paris, there are always aluminum vases of flowers. This nearly 200-year-old building cannot use air conditioning, only fans.

The ancient memories, words, and sentences in “things” cannot say everything that someone wants to say, so this kind of performance may be useful. Without it, I might hold on in a cruel world or collapse. Without breaking down or perishing, the reason for trying to survive is precisely that, screaming and crying, through the work, the unspeakable words in the “world” are completely revealed. I don’t know it myself.
The last thing you want to say. “If you have someone you love, hug him in your arms.” Favorite lyrics of Tokiko Kato.
“Things” are thrown away and the memory still remains. Although the time that scientists say does not exist

Shun–Shanghai studio

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