Power of Life

Duration : 12:00-19:00

Opening : May 16th, 2020 (Sat) – June 20th, 2020 (Sat)  

Venue : Clinic Mall 3F, the Towers Daiba Build. , 2-2-4 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tel : 03-6426-0726

Web : https://shunartdesign.com/

Artist :
コバヤシ 麻衣子 | Maiko KOBAYASHI
佐藤 令奈 | Haruna SATO
ジョージ ハヤシ | George HAYASHI
しまうち みか | Mika SHIMAUCHI
新藤 杏子|Kyoko SHINDO
中村 綾花|Ayaka NAKAMURA
若田 勇輔|Yusuke WAKATA
オーマ | Ouma

The world is now stressed out by unexpected surprises that began in 2020. Many people may have noticed that human beings are actually surprisingly weak enough to be threatened by invisible small things like viruses.
At the same time, We were impressed by weak human beings have survived until now, and have been reconsidered of our involvement with many other lives on Earth.
The Shun Art Gallery in Shanghai is opening a Tokyo blanch this time, and the opening happened to be at such an unstable moment, but after consideration, the first exhibition title is named as “命の力 -Power of Life-“.
We hope that the “power of life” expressed by each artist will give each person a chance to imagine our future, which will survive one crisis and regenerate our life.


It has been announced that the Tokyo Olympics will be postponed for one year. The spread of the infection has spread to Europe and the United States, blockades have been announced one after another around the world. At the same time, stock prices fall and descend randomly, oil prices and gold prices fell at the same time, and toilet paper disappeared from supermarkets in many continue.

In my personal matters, I came to Tokyo on January 23 for a solo exhibition in Ginza, and was planning to work in Tokyo during the Lunar New Year holidays in preparation for the solo exhibition, but Wuhan in China closed the town on that day. Because I thought sending many invitations in that timing was not suitable, I just held my solo exhibition quietly without much attendance.

Thorough corona control banned people from moving around China and sent protective clothing and masks from around the world. A medical team from all over China traveled to Wuhan, and while feeling the tragic feeling of a hero heading to the battlefield, various information from the self-media flew. Most of the common people united to cooperate in this situation and began to live locked up and isolated.

In Asia, many people infected at one time in Daegu, Korea, through the religion group Shincheonji, and in Japan the number of infections increased due to Diamond Princess Cruise was at risk. The situation is beginning to spread and it is a tough situation.

Bill Gates’s writings had widespread on what we should learn from the Corona Shock, and that information was corrected as false information later.

In the United States, where discrimination against “Asian people” was widespread, Asian people who feared this caused stockpiling of handguns and ammunition for self-protection. Trump’s use of the word “Chinese virus” would have increased its severity.

The virus has no nationality. In a blocked world, the Corona Shock raised spread fears, and the US stock market fired four circuit breakers in 10 days. Will economic measures coming out of each country save businesses and individuals with no income or lost revenue?

Under such circumstances, Shun Art Gallery, which is headquartered in Shanghai, is to open an art gallery in Tokyo. It starts with a group show of Japanese artists who have been working together in Shanghai for a long time, the exhibition is titled as “Power of Life”.

While no one can predict what’s happening next, we may not be able to hold an opening party. Basically, not so many people come to art gallery at one time, but it is even difficult to judge whether our exhibition should be held as scheduled. In some cases, we are ready to change the opening party can be replaced by time, and the exhibition can be only for reservation.

India has entered to a total blockade today. At least we are witnesses and it is no doubt this is not someone else’s problem. Aside from stupid feuds between politicians and competition for profits from crude oil, each of us should have the opportunity to reconsider our lifestyle in our daily lives.

Would we, as witnesses in this era, take advantage of the courage and opportunity to transform this society? I want to be able to take some action, not just stand by as a witness.

A song from a Japanese singer Tokiko Kato’s song, “Ikiterya Iisa (That’s fine if we ’re alive)” is now sinking deeply into my mind.

Cherry blossoms, in early bloom.

Shun at Tokyo