Poker Face

Duration : 12:00 - 20:00

Opening : Jun 6,2015 (Sat) -- Jun 12,2015 (Fri)

Venue : NO.28 Moganshan Rd,Shanghai,China

Tel : +8621 5252 7198

Web :

Artist : HE Hongwei ZHANG Tieying YU Aijun

The only way to see a building is in the evening. Great buildings will appear outstanding in the dark whilst the average ones are overwhelmed in the dark, which is 18th-century French architect Louis Bray’s left saying.

Since my right eye got injured in Seoul in the fall of 2013, there have been profound changes in my outlook towards art and life. During many sleepless nights when I was troubled by the depression of complications, Lady Gaga’s song ‘Poker Face’ has come to my mind. It also encouraged me to insist on my choice of being strong everytime I felt helpless. Life being fragile yet strong, we fight to survive in contradictions.

The annual Youth Artists Group Exhibition in Shun Art Gallery has this year choose three Chinese artists: Yu Aijun , He Hongwei, and Zhang Tieying.

Yu Aijun’s artworks are sensitive yet critical, as if newly born baby helplessly looking for its mother’s nipple, intense and fiery, as well as pure. Hardly hide his poetic feelings in the conciseness, as the artist is at the same time a poet. Being like a mirror, his works make us could not help to introspect ourselves, being in love with the fictive ego.

He Hongwei’s abstract paintings are coarse at the first sight, are subtly resist strange enemies. Wandering soul with faith, the passion to green lives become warmth, which touches you but cannot be stable.

The works of Zhang Tieying takes rain as the medium, abstract the stream of people with a mysterious color, which itself is very concrete. It expresses an anxiety that brought by the emotional weather to us, with the color of hazy poetry. The men and women in the rain present their own stories.

The reason of choosing the three artists for the “Youth Artists Group Exhibition” is that in my ordinary day-to-day life I have found their work has the power to move me to shed tears. Just as when a little child falls on the floor, to bring attention and comfort from father and mother, it will cry. So, the feature of the exhibition this time is my personal taste, my choice: work which is Straightforward, emotional and radical.

Standing in front of this art, you will be soul-shocked, as if seeing a great building in the darkness.