Duration : 10:00 -- 18:00

Opening : Jun 29,2008 (Sun) -- Jun 29,2008 (Sun)

Venue : Hall 103/208/203, Building 3, No.50, Moganshan Road, Shanghai 200060, China

Tel : 021-52527198/021-62765736

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Note for “49 days funeral”: According to Chinese custom, the coffin for the people who passed away will be buried in the days seven’s times. It is hold that one will not realized his passed away not until the days of seven’s times coming. There is a ceremony on each seventh day and will not end until it comes the seventh seven day, that is 49 days in total.

14:28, May 12th, 2008, a moment hit the world with great sorrow. China, the whole nation is shaking with the Sichuan earth quake until …

June 29, 49 days since the occurrence of Wenchuan devastating earthquake, a June29 Charity Fair will be hold in due, in the name of “ONE LOVE ONE HEART, don’t let Children cry alone”, that inspired by community of culture without borders and collaborated with Shanghai Shun Art gallery. Works for the charity auction are gathered from worldwide, that mainly are oil paintings, including a part of Traditional Chinese painting and Calligraphy works. All income from the Fair will be donated to the area hit by the earthquake. Furthermore, the charity fair was particularly supported by Korean Cultural Service Section, UNICEF, China National Cultural and Art Work Communication Association Shanghai, Research center of Mr. Zhao Puchu Shanghai Branch, Shanghai Dashe Strategy Co., Ltd, Link-Care (Shanghai) Consultation Co., Ltd.

The community of culture without borders, major party of this Charity Fair, was founded in spring 2005, Shanghai, with the dream of “the cultural community without borderline”. This dream then spread widely to Korean, Chinese, Japanese, oriental and western. Since the first Charity fair held by the community of culture without borders and Qingling Song Foundation in Shanghai, a so called “the Sharing of Love” charity fair was successfully held in the Korean cultural institute of the shanghai consulate of Korea. The virtue of sharing is rooted hence.

On the very day of 6.29 charity fair, there will be a mini concert also organized by community of culture without borders and Shanghai Shun Art gallery for the participants, including the eight musical performances from community of culture without borders, the stage performance I am a mountain, The Taste of Words and Spring Flowers from Hou Qinghui Yukai and Chenchen of the pageant troupe, finally, the chorus from all the participants, One Love of Bob Marley. We Believe that our love will pass on to the children in the disaster area by the music.

As associated party, Shun Art gallery specially designed a circuit for more people to take part in. A certain amount of Army green shoes and T-shirt in genuine black and white will be displayed in the show place; every guest is welcomed to paint with his own flavor. Painted shoes and T-shirts will be presented as a part of Fair works in June 29. Related photos and information of this Charity Fair will be published on the Official website of Shun Art Gallery.

In the past 49 days, the hearts of whole nation beat together, and had been devoted to the sacred action of Rescue and Donation, especially to those kids who are deeply hurt by the devastating earthquake, physically and mentally. They lost their parents, their homelands, the living environment which the lived on in the past. Everything they just lost, in the quake.

Apart from the monetary and material help, what the kids need more is the understanding and communication mentally and the encouragement to re-building their homelands. They need encouragement to beat the great crash brought by the disaster, and relief from heavy heart.

Let us hence hands in hands, do what we can do to the kids. Their future is in your concern!