Metamorphosis—International Young Artists Group Exhibition

Duration : 10:00 -- 19:00

Opening : May 25,2013 (Sat) -- Jul 2,2013 (Tue)

Venue : No.28 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai

Tel : +8621 5252 7198

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Artist : Naoya YOSHIDA Shuji KUDO Avijit Dutta Mifusa Akase Choi Young Kim Soonim Hui Wei Seungpyo Hong Nastya KFKS Zachary Opaskar Fernando Moreno

By Shun
In the novel “The Metamorphosis” of Franz Kafka, the protagonist was terrified his family and people around him, including himself when he discovered that he became a poisonous insect in the morning.
This year, Shun Art Gallery adds several artists from the United States, Mexico and India besides from the previous artists from China, Japan and Korea of the group exhibition of young artists.
We don’t want artists to do creations under this “transformation” theme, it’s because many of us still remember the Kafka’s transformation after a century. I was afraid that I would turn into a giant insect after wake up. So there was a long time that I was afraid to wake up more than to go to sleep after I took a peek at “The Metamorphosis” on my father’s bookshelf. Perhaps it was too early to read Kafka, my sleep time is less than the average number so far, I called it the symptom of Kafka wake fear. 
Just like the experience of me, I am influenced by “The Metamorphosis” of Franz Kafka, these artists have different experiences from their growing environment, and it forms different living fragments in the lives of everyone. Though we come from different countries, we all have different level of sparse exogenous more or less, whether close to family, to friends, to lovers and other people; or far as the general public, the organization and the society. 
I want to be able to interpret and explain the “loneliness” of art works from all over the world, the transparent loneliness that lead to freedom. And please, use your own insight to interpret the fear of “free and lonely” when you stand in front of the art works. Try to imagine that If you suddenly become a poisonous insect after reading this painting……….