Duration : 10:00 -- 18:00

Opening : Feb 7,2015 (Sat) -- Mar 22,2015 (Sun)

Venue : No.28 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai

Tel : +8621 5252 7198

Web :

Artist : Hitomi Uchikura

Unforgettable, that beam of light  
I visited Hitomi UCHIKURAK’s atelier in Nasu Kogen five years ago. It was the end of August in memory, unbearable hot in Tokyo, but there was refreshing and comfortable wind on the plateau. In her wooden atelier, a beam of light suddenly filtered into my eyes that made me a little bit vertigo. Afterwards, I was catched by that light and couldn’t leave for it. That’s the encounter with UCHIKURAK’s installations “Light”.
She and her boyfriend had a brown fine horse that makes me feel like to gently stroke it’s fur. No people live around, we were listening Bach’s music on the big wooden balcony, I instantly felt no need of bread and milk in life just like living like them, just need to breathe naturally and watched each work in that villa

naturally. It seems like everything is natural, not deliberately.

Artist said, gaze of light is the only feel that can be connected in our human senses and almost beyond any of words.
Light, appeared under the different wall of race, religion, national, gender, etc. 
Only of the moment that we stare at the light together, we open the invisible cold and hard wall, tried to trust each other, understand, or to respect on each other. Light, is the key to these all.
The sculpture that had caught my eyes was gently blinking there. Expressions suddenly became serene when you saw it,and the serene expressions collision with the works make the moment across became extremely gratified.
UCHIKUNRA said, once accidentally broke the lens on some time in the corner, one day when the sun shines across the room look likes a gorgeous Palace, the light was shaking, the light was speeches and gave her important inspiration. From then on, whenever she went to places all over the world, like Cambodia’s world heritage site, France ancient cave in the process of traveling and so on, the light still gaves her a great interest.
Just heard[Charlie Hebdohe]’s terrorist attacks in Paris, injuring 12 magazine staff. On the Bund, the last day of the stampede that occurred in 2014 was crowding the screen for most of the content of the New Year, 35 victims of the disaster. Whatever natural or man-made disaster, hope UCHIKURA’s work [Light] bring us a while of peace at least, not impetuous.
5 years ago Bach’s music is echoing the ear in Nasu Kogen, never thought that we plan her first exhibition in Shanghai now. She settle in Berlin, but also has a solo exhibition in Japan and two group exhibitions in museum this time,believe the Shanghai solo exhibition [Lumière] will be an important exhibition then.