Limite Lumière

Duration : 11:00 - 19:00 (closed on Monday)

Opening : 2021.12.9 - 2022.2.22

Venue : Room 108, No. 3, Lane 1363, Middle Fuxing Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

Tel : +86 (0)21 5496 1918

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Artist : 戈 子馀 | GE Ziyu

On The Way Home – [Channel]

– Preface to Ge Ziyu’s Solo Exhibition

A Heart Sutra was written by the artist in the early summer of 2021,he selected several stamps in the seal box, and the Heart Sutra came to me. On the sunny day of late autumn, rushing to the artist’s studio to meet the original works is the greatest joy of persisting in doing this job. The seemingly uninhabited door face at the entrance of the studio made me think it was the wrong address information. In the studio completely out of the sense of private life, you can feel the artist’s investment in the creation itself, which is different from life and higher than the daily state.

The Pixel of Light series rejects the painting itself, contemporary and rational. The three-dimensional illusion of the plane is the process of having a love relationship between viewpoint, color, and space. The eyes of the sensitive lover are filled with [three-dimensional and light], and that beam of light is the channel to lure you [the one who wishes to get the bait]. It is also a channel to one’s long-cherished wish, remote, mysterious and endless.

The fascination with the tunnel is not only because of the mysterious temptation of the unknown “exit”, more often when passing through it, but some unknown light also enters the vision, and at this moment, space and time are condensed around, in this narrow passage which brings you a sense of dizziness. Like a glass of old delicious wine, it makes you slightly drunk and airy.

The global scale of the Covid-19 in the past two years has caused tremendous changes in people’s lives. The space and time of isolation have made the alienated individuals more isolated, and we have become extremely sensitive and vulnerable. The artist has not left Wuxi during this period, but there are a number of his exhibitions going on. Without the popularity of the Internet, this situation is impossible. I have been back and forth between Tokyo and Shanghai, and I have experienced three times of life in a quarantined hotel, and I will continue, but I don’t know how long it will take. We think a lot about life and death, it has never been so true to us. The physical nature is also the materiality, and the carrier of spirituality requires practice. The artist’s Pixel of Light series, the control of the sense of space, the rejection of the depiction of contemporary works itself, and the transcribing of the Heart Sutra and the swaying of contemporary ink-wash painting, preserve the balance, complex but pure.

Eventually, we all express in the works what we usually fail to confide, which could be a dialogue that did not come to the end or a complete expression that I wanted in my heart. After all, in this information-spreading society, there are not many people who can quietly listen to you to the last word. In real life, people living with a mask, bury the truth which needs to be dug little by little in their hearts. Sometimes you, who are not very sensitive to others’ interests, will uncarefully get scarred. Then, in the silent healing process, you think about yourself and the outside world and think about the inside and outside. The self-healing process is exactly the process of human heart growth, and I hope to be able to achieve [as calm as still water]. The [social distance] mentioned in the epidemic applies to the relationship between people. However, being human beings, we explore and reflect about individuals and groups, time and space, struggle and experiment, which is also one of the greatest pleasures of being human.

Ge Ziyu’s works are condensed with the imprints of his childhood soul, mixing the joy, anger, sorrow, and joy in the hustle and bustle of the city. The passage that stretches into the distance is the way home. Not necessarily luxurious but let yourself return to the real, you can feel at ease [home]. We are all on the way, on the way home.


—— Shun in Zhujiajiao Studio

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