Invisible Eye

Duration : 12:00 - 20:00

Opening : Sep 12,2015 (Sat) -- Oct 25,2015 (Sun)

Venue : No.28 Moganshan Road,Shanghai

Tel : +86 21 5252 7198

Web :

Artist : Shun

Two years ago in the restaurant of The Palace Seoul Hotel in Gangnam-gu, Korea, which on my way back to Shanghai from Gwangju Film Festival, a young waitress’s tray suddenly fell and hit me on my right eye when I having dinner with a friend. It was bleeding immediately and four stitches were made in the University Hospital. Unexpectedly, after taking out stitches I found I lost sight on my right eye.
Since then, treatment starts. In Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, from Western medicine to traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture or moxibustion. Life has changed a lot. Falling while walking, bumping against the wall and so on, all the trivia of life arises as a result of a variety of ailments. This autumn, for a few days of blind experience I decided to take the cell-regeneration therapy. This solo exhibition of mine is a memorial for myself and the city of shanghai as I will leave for the therapy for a while.
This summer, I canceled my plan of attending the Art Basel HK, La Biennale di Venezia and another Art Festivals, to concentrate on health. What have I changed? What has the world changed?
The tension between China and Japan once has led to reduction of tourists.  However, compared with changes of the exchange rate of Japanese yen from 8 to 5 in 2013, plus the factor that Hong Kong and Korea contributed to Chinese tourists going shopping in Japan. Fine and cheap commodity of Japanese market appears to be especially good and cost-effective.
WeChat has changed the way we live, we post at our WeChat about what happened, good food we have had and places we have been. Sometimes also forward some inspiring articles. Various kinds of WeChat groups become small communities, crowd-funding, fund, group consisting of various interests prospering and pleased. Now, when we get together for dinner, most people play cellphone while eating, sleeping, or even in bathroom and smoking.
The up-and-downs of the stock market in this summer have controlled people’s emotions, which have proven the French economist Thomas Piketty’s arguments of < Capital in the Twenty-First Century>. Professor Thomas Piketty’s best-seller discusses the capitalist economy “gap” problem. “the riches get richer” has big chance to become a “now and future” of China. The book meant to illustrate European economy of 21 century explains Chinese economy so well, which is marvelous. China socialism under the imperfect tax system, enforcement and the privilege of using information has resulted in the factor that people who have privilege to access information and resource get “richer and richer”: with no estate tax, the second rich-generation and the second official-generation phenomenon in China is true portrayal of Professor Piketty.
The recent global wealth report 2015 from Credit Suisse exclaims the rich control half of the global fortune, 1% of the world .In China, finally someone who bought Picasso’s work and Van Gogh’s work. Is this the bubble economy again in Japan or China cannot repeat. The Great Gatsby, hope we have the ability to learn.
During dealing with the eye injury, sigh because of the ownership of wealth and social power.
Adam Smith proposed the economic concept of “invisible hand”. The solo exhibition of this autumn is to write my own hard history for thanks to people who have helped me when I have difficulties and also to commemorate all difficult experiences. That is the most impressive Stage of life. After all, we portray and express our own history – Which is self-portrait.
Here is the biggest reason to support “imperfect self” to survive. As French philosopher Bonaer·Sidigeer said, the individualization is “self-formation” and “narcissism”, and is the paradox of important issue. From love “myself” to love “ourselves”, to love “myself in ourselves”, actually we need use narcissism to support to establish. But in reality, the problem suffers. 
When we are in suffering, are we able to love ourselves or around more? Or are we be vulnerable bodies and minds? How to digest helplessness and anger to make oneself enjoy life and keep dream alive? That is my best subject.
Early fall, I will leave for a while. Shanghai, you are still charming, because of you.
Shun,Write in the morning at the studio of Zhujiajiao