Goodbye! My love Episode One

Duration : 10:00 -- 18:00

Opening : May 8,2008 (Thu) -- Jun 8,2008 (Sun)

Venue : Hall 103/208/203, Building 3, No.50, Moganshan Road, Shanghai 200060, China

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On May 8th, 2008, Shun art gallery will hold the group exhibition “Goodbye! My love —- Teresa Teng 13th Anniversary Memorial Exhibition”. At many people’s heart, Teresa Teng was still a legend. On this day, this name that has been worn away would be reminded again. Due to the confidence and gentleness in her eyes, or the real solace to all of us which was brought by her soft voice, or take things coolly when she appeared with her Chi-pao in Japan, probably because she made a stand and fight against the closed period and represented all the memory of that special age.
In the history of the Chinese pop music, it was difficult to find a second person like Teresa Teng, who could influence and accompany so many generation for such a long time as they grew up. Even after her death, the effect remained and became even firmer as time goes by.
The artists who took part in this exhibition are mainly the young artists. They used multiple art forms, like oil paintings, sculptures, pencil paintings, video, art posters and so on, to express their understanding about the vaguely memories and the post-modern of Teresa Teng and her age.
In one of Quyan’s painting, the image of Teresa Teng appeared to be a string of number on a sheet of silent white by the symbolic expression. Quyan’s deep talent and practical skills were exposed to the view. We were completely involved and also could taste the hollow of the losing period from the painting.
The question in the painting “See the smoke again” reflected his strong personal style and also represented the conflict and struggle of the 1980s generation. In the paintings of the Japanese artist Katsushiro Isobe, the insects were always the leading role. He transformed the singer into a butterfly that was one of the particular species in Taiwan, delicately draw the outline of some love stories in her life. Teresa Teng used to say Shanghai is her favorite city, but for one reason or another, she never had the chance to come to Shanghai in her whole life. Pan Xiaoxiao has painted Teresa Teng to be a Shanghai lady with the distinctive and pleasing quality. The artist made up her regret by the paintings.
Otherwise, there are the sculpture from Luo Xiangsheng, the video from Roman who is Spanish artist, and many kinds of the art posters will be exhibited this time. The diverse forms of artistic expression will definitely show the unique perspective and must be full of youth and vitality
Episode Two Coming Soon…

Eternal Teresa Teng
On May 8th 1995, the Asian singing queen——Teresa Teng passed away. I could hardly believe my ears when I heard the sad news of her death on the PA. I supposed the media did it by mistake; consider that the media would issue a press release to apologize to the audience for the wrong information. My father was a big fan of Teresa Teng from the outset. Play her songs all the time at home made me become another big fan.
The composer Guyue once said: She was born with the voice that was a kind of grief behind the soft and sweet sound though I believed there was a strong power behind her tender voice. It made the people to be brave and confidence. Her songs were quite famous all over the Taiwan, Hongkong, Mainland China, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan. People were used to listen some revolution songs in China. The Chinese naturally became to be crazy about Teresa Teng and her voice with the simple culture shock. In Southeast Asia, the overseas who struggled in another country would feel homesick as soon as they heard Teresa’s songs after being far away for so long. In Japan, her songs Repay, Aijin (Lover) and I only care about you set up a new world record. She frequently appeared at the award ceremony in Japan like Japan Cable TV Awards, Japan Record Awards and the Red and White Song Matches. Her record was a big hit and sold one million and five hundred thousand copies. The song “Aijin” (Lover) also set a new record for staying on top of the broadcast charts in Japan for 14 weeks. She also won the Annual Cable TV Award and the Red and White Song Matches of Japan for 3 consecutive years (1984, 1985, and 1986). No one could break the record until now.
Teresa Teng was born with the musical talent and her attractive appearance. Often, as a singer, there were lots of Japanese copies of Chinese songs, which naturally transferred cultural meaning. Based on this fact I may call Teresa “Cultural Envoy who uses songs as the bridge.”
During the 10th anniversary of Teresa Teng’s Death, the programs of memory of Teresa Teng have been play repeatedly on TV. Especially in Japan, there was one more TV series about Teresa Teng. However it will be the first exhibition for the memory of Teresa Teng in the art field. We were greatly aided in our curating by the cooperation of the Credit Suisse (Hong Kong) Limited. Particularly I want to start off thanking the voters and helps to our exhibition from the support of Credit Suisse (Hong Kong) Limited and Ms. Sakamaki here.
The exhibition was separated into two parts. The “Episode 1” will be exhibited the works from some younger artist who are the second generation fans of Teresa Teng on May 8th, includes some paintings, sculpture and video by the varied artistic expression. At the “Episode 2” some famous artists will be invited, who are the first generation fans, or you can say it is their own generation. Will be the special performance for the Credit Suisse (Hong Kong) Limited in June.
Hope there will be one day that we can make more fans see the art works of Teresa Teng, remind more people of her greatness by holding the travelling exhibition in Asia area.
Eternal Teresa Teng, eternal voice……

May 8th 2008
Shun in Shanghai