Color of Riddim

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Opening : 2021.JUN.18th(FRI)-2021.AUG.8th(sun)

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Beyond the Dream
                    –The rhythm of color

The spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) may have led to the complete synchronization of global human behavior for the first time in human history. Everyone is basically doing the same things, albeit in slightly different ways. Everyone is working hard to prevent the spread of the virus. German philosopher Marcus Gabriel called this “synchronized world”.

When the epidemic first spread, the reported risks were much more exaggerated than the actual situation. In Japan, people have the habit of wearing masks even when they have hay fever and colds, so they have no resistance to wearing masks, but Westerners are very resistant to wearing masks, and the reactions of different countries are also very different. However, over time, people all over the world gradually began to accept and get used to wearing masks. Of course, all human beings are currently Homo sapiens, so they will have the same specific reaction when facing the virus.

As the epidemic broke out again and again, Measures such as lockdowns, emergencies, quarantine reveals the characteristics of each country and its leaders. Although many countries and many people overestimate the risk of the virus to individuals and society as a whole, some people underestimate it. Former US President Trump and Brazilian President Bolsonaro are typical examples. In other words, the synchronization of behaviors caused by human response to the epidemic needs to be explained in terms of socio-economic, political, and psychological aspects, and ultimately the entire society needs to be explained. In today’s world, once bystanders or witnesses have become parties, and now the world is synchronized again due to vaccination. Isolation or self-isolation, “social distance” made cities all over the world experience “empty cities” for a time. Will vaccination return us to a normal life? Today, where no one can answer, Shun Art Gallery Tokyo will hold a solo exhibition by Japanese artist George Hayashi.

George Hayashi started painting at the age of two, his mother and grandmother are also artists, So he naturally began to create. He has been immersed in the art world since he was a child and now he lives by the sea. What kind of new works he created during the epidemic, I am looking forward to it.
In Yunnan, China, a group of wild elephants continue to migrate north. Where is the destination of those elephants? Today Huawei released a new series——Hongmeng. With the continuous development of high technology, human medicine, and anti-aging DNA research are constantly pursuing immortal technology. To be honest, I don’t know if humans really want to live that long. How will the world change after the epidemic? Where are we going? The northern migration of elephants may mean something. We are like a group of lost elephants.

Then, the melody of Thai songs rang in my ears

Shun at Tokyo

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