Duration : 10:00 -- 18:00

Opening : Oct 13,2007 (Sat) -- Oct 15,2007 (Mon)

Venue : Shun Art Gallery .Shanghai Room 103/208, building 3 No. 50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai (200060)

Tel : 021 5252 7198/021 5252 7198

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Artist : 此木 三红大 Mikuo KONOKI

Press Release
Ganda•Life•Poem—-The art of Mikuo Konoki

Mikuo Konoki, an elderly Japanese painter, sculptor, glass painter and muralist, owns two private galleries in Japan and has painted several large frescos around Japan. He is the representative of Japanese public art and has won for several times the MEXT Prize.
In the year of his 70 years old, Mikuo Konoki is coming to Shanghai with his “Ganda” series by the invitation from Shun Art & Design/Shanghai Gallery where will hold his solo exhibition from 13th to 15th October.
Mikuo Konoki graduated from Department of Painting, Musashino Art University. After the graduation, he went to Italy and accepted further education in Galleria dell’Accademia in Rome. In 1970’s, Mikuo Konoki won the “Tenko” Golden Prize, “Tokyo News Agency” Prize and “Kanagawa Kamakura Mayor” Prize in succession in the Japan Third Civilization Exhibition. It was in 1995 and 1998 that Mikuo Konoki opened his two private galleries: My Art Museum in Nasu Heights and Matsuyama Art Museum in Chiba in Japan. In these days we can see numbers of his oil paintings and “Ganda” sculptures in those two galleries. Moreover, we can also see around 30 large frescos composed by him in temples all over Japan, which firmly established the development of Public Art in Japan.
The “Ganda” sculpture series of Mikuo Konoki is extremely popular world wide. Chiba Gallery in Japan held “Ganda” sculpture exhibition in 2001. The term “Ganda” that is from Japanese dialect means scrap iron which is never interpreted in any Japanese dictionaries.
Mikuo Konoki was adept in describing natural landscape in a liberal style in his early composing life. After that he took expressionism skill and started depicting humans’ and creatures’ looks and gestures and hence he became liberal in colour using. Lately it could be found in his pictures that the lines are becoming succinct and the colour block being clearly divided. He uses splicing and semiabstract way in order to express his self dissecting and reknowning. In his pictures there are haughty cat, blue fox, doll with angle and skull that means death. You may feel the innocent and joy superficially. But more will you find after your enjoying a trip of Mikuo Konoki’s works, that is the understanding of the truth of life.

Prehension of moments

In the local language of Chiba in Japan there is a word “Ganda”which means scrap irons of which a Japanese elder makes so called “Ganda Sculptures” and his name is Mikuo Konoki. Those wasted metals are given new life again through the magic hands of the artist, which suddenly loosen everyone up standing in front of them. However, it is not just simple relax but a space for people free their mind. Thus is the fascination of Mr. Konoki’s art.

In modern internet society, we are engaged in changeable daily life. Huge amount of information gives us too much pressure. Think about this: our life is brilliant and every surroundings are getting better and better—but the fact is that there are almost 200,000,000 people kill themselves every year.

It could be find that behind Mr. Konoki’s Ganda sculptures hidden humorous and childjoy which may be quite important to people in modern life. Aren’t those elements that we need seriously in our life today? Moreover, that childjoy also reveal a kind of character and morals definitely. It must not be easy that we can guess the age of Mr. Konoki from his art works.

Georges Bataille, the French philosopher, used to define in his book “Eroticism” the term “invasion” as “in a certain time, do what you are admitted to do.” This definition is quite interesting.

It occurred to my mind initially when I stood first time in front of Mr. Konoki’s works. His works was invading into my heart, which I felt to be invaded luxuriously. The power of the childjoy hidden in his pictures could even freeze me. How magical it is! I ran into his art world when I walked around galleries in Ginza. It has been a long time after I talked with Mr. Konoki and got known to each other. It is my honour to have a chance to introduce him and his fine art works and sculptures to Shanghai.

Mr. Konoki is an artist gifted in many accomplishments such as sculptures, oil and glass painting and graphic arts as well, all of which he is with very high proficiency in. In this solo show in Shanghai, his recent works are going to be exhibited. Moreover, Mr. Konoki owns two private galleries in Japan where you may have another fascinating experience appreciating his works from his very early time in middle school.

The market of Chinese art works see a flourishing age in these days and has been playing a decisive role in world art market. China and Japan are close neighbors separated by a narrow strip of water. However, in arts field it can be seen much communication via Europe and US but not directly. So, it could be very meaningful that the Shun Art Gallery is trying to introduce Mr. Konoki and his arts here. We hope that it may see a direct arts communication between China and Japan in the future.
It is believe that Arts can cross boundaries. Good art works will be distinguished and appreciated. In Mr. Konoki’s pictures there is often a black cat which lives in his gallery and called “Kuro” (little black in Japanese). She is quite fashionable, sometimes in pink coat and sometimes blue jacket just like that magic teacher in Harry Potter.

It might be those sakura in spring in his gallery and that courtyard in autumn that endue Kuro with deity. You may be the luckiest people in modern time if you have a chance to see Kuro. Kuro often occurs in my dream, and flying with smile with me from Paris to Shanghai.

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