FUNNY DOLL 1000——MIZUNO RYO Solo Exhibition

Duration : 10:00 -- 18:00

Opening : Sep 26,2009 (Sat) -- Nov 8,2009 (Sun)

Venue : Shun Art Gallery · Shanghai / Hall 103/208 Building 3, No.50 Moganshan RD Shanghai

Tel : +8621 5252 7198

Web :

Artist : Ryo MIZUNO

FUNNY DOLL 1000——MIZUNO RYO Solo Exhibition
25th March 1983, a girl was born with a face stepped on by someone else;
25th October 1983, a girl was born with a huge mouth that could swallow a whole watermelon;
9th May 1985, a girl was born with two hands grew on her own face.
1st November 1985, a girl was born with a rusty robot mask.
26th September 2009, these 1000 girls will come together.
They may laugh and weep; furthermore they even have birthdays and names.
Can you find the one which was born on the same day as you in these 1000 FUNNY DOLL?


 These 1000 FUNNY DOLL was created in two years during 20th March 1997 to 29th August 1999.

 At first, I didn’t decide to draw 1000 of them, only wanted to test myself how far I may go. With the challenge I got off the mark. Then I realized 100 was not enough for me, however 10000 was obviously too much. For this reason, I decided to draw 1000 paintings finally.

 I felt a great sense of achievement as soon as I accomplished the paintings. Never showed them to anyone before finished but just painted for myself. However the mind “let the whole world see them” went around all the time thereafter and drove me to find the perfect place to show them.

 The process was really tough for me. 1000 was too much for a gallery to organize one exhibition. When I was selected and won a prize of the 4th Taro Okamoto Memorial Award for Contemporary Art. Only 100 paintings were exhibited then.

 After that, I still hold the wish to show all of them in one exhibition, even though FUNNY DOLL 1000 has been published in the book. It became to my biggest motive to achieve my goal. Nevertheless I never expected I would get a chance to realize my dream in Shanghai, but not in Japan.

 Expressing my positive side and negative also, FUNNY DOLL 1000 has become a very vital part of my life. The exhibition in Shun art gallery Shanghai will be the summary of my last ten years and the beginning of the next decade.