Fresh Approach in Color and Ink

Duration : 10:00 -- 18:00

Opening : Jan 1,1753 (Mon) -- Jan 1,1753 (Mon)

Venue : Shun Art Gallery .Shanghai Room 103/208, building 3 No. 50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai (200060)

Tel : 021 5252 7198/021 5252 7198

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PREFACE Fresh Approach in Color and Ink – Art Exhibition of celebrated American-Chinese Artist Hsu Dan
Today, I return from America to Shanghai to conduct an art exhibition. This is like filing a report to the friends of China on the subject of art. It is also to satisfy my homeward yearning. At the same time, it is also to inform my Chinese friends about the types of Chinese paintings that are well received abroad. Please accept my sincere thanks for your coming.
Hangzhou is my hometown. I have always loved to draw. In my youth, on my own volition, I applied and was admitted into Hangzhou’s National Art Institute. My father was very much against this rash act, and attempted to take me away with him when my family moved. When thus pressed, I brought forth Mr. Jiang Feng, the president of the Art Institute, who was able to finally persuade Dad in my favor, and I was able to fulfill my boyhood dream. Four years later, I became interested in architectural art, and entered Tong Ji University. Upon graduation, I advanced to Harbin Polytechnic University to further my studies under the Soviet experts. In 1956, I started my teaching career at South East University, which lasted over 30 years.
In 1985, I was invited to conduct lectures in America. I visited the world renowned Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and saw the many galleries there. I was deeply impressed that, in this new world, art is truly multifaceted and multicultural. Yet, I regret to note that there was little contemporary Chinese art in the collection. How could I move contemporary Chinese art onto the world stage? This question has inspired the theme of my lifelong pursuit -to develop Chinese art thus my decision to settle in America. The first half of my life saw me doing paintings in my homeland for 30 odd years. Thereafter began the second half, the artistic life overseas. Following the teaching of my professor Lin Feng-mian: “Create the art of the current time; Bring forth the modern”, I relied on the motto “ My Idea, My Art, Using My Method ” to create bold new works. I use art to explore the mystery of human feeling, to re-create the glorious beauty of nature and humanity, and to imbue the painting with poetic mood.
I pursue art not for profit, but for pleasure, and also for the propagation of Chinese culture. In my exhibitions, my work has been well received and is widely colleted. In these 20 odd years, I have established my own base, from which to travel and roam the world at large. Now, with the passage of time, even in my twilight years, I am still full of artistic zeal, not yet ready to be still.
I continue to use the brush, ink and color to bring forth life’s dynamic force, and passionately splash the world with laughter and life. Today, I am showing my new work. It may still be crude and need further refinement. Suggestions for improvement would be heartily appreciated.

Hsu Dan September 2007

Press Release
When Chinese Meet Western

Fresh Approach in Colour and Ink Art Exhibition of HSU DAN, the Celebrated Chinese Artist in US. An eldly gentleman who is already in his 70’s, but is still vital and highly spirited and so wise in describing Chinese landscape. This gentleman, by himself called “HSU DAN”, an alternative name of Chinese paintings on which he shows the great passion and love. Invited by Shun Art & Design/Shanghai, HSU DAN is going to come to Shanghai and give the world a fresh exhibition of his works from 8th to 28th Sep 2007.
In HSU DAN’s works, we can see fluent stroke and free water colour. The morning Yangtse Gorges is misty but fresh as well; flowers are booming in forest, colours in different brightness show spring atmosphere. Moreover, HSU DAN often describes a figure of someone in a fading picture. It can be seen that his skill is fresh but also traditional. Even though he is advanced in years, we can still tell his vitality by those ink and water colour in his pictures.
HSU DAN was born in Hangzhou, and gifted a subtle and refined sensibility. Painting took his fancy when he was very young. After that, however, he spent over 30 years in learning archeology. It was in 1985 when he was invited to US to give lectures and at that time he had a chance to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art and various other galleries in New York where he felt strongly the prosperousness of art in that country and the absence of Chinese contemporary art.
Some people consider HSU DAN “the Manet in China”. However, how many Chinese people know about Manet? He finally decided to move with his family to US and started his second half of his life devoted into art under the teach by Lin Fengmian. “A painter is an agent between nature and humans, a recreator for natural creations”, said by Da Vinci, “his spirit must be all-encompassing and only if learn from nature can he be recreator.” It could be believe that HSU DAN is one of the agents, recreators and creators. Meanwhile, he is also a herald that introduced Chinese arts to US rank and fashion and virtuosos. He spread Chinese art exhibition to the US mass and made Chinese paintings well known world wide. Home love and missing is fully steeped in his works.
There will be 40 works of HSU DAN shown in this exhibition by Shun Art & Design/Shanghai, Chinese gardens and western views, makes people loose their imagination.