Femme Fatale

Duration : 10:00 -- 18:00

Opening : Dec 21,2013 (Sat) -- Feb 25,2014 (Tue)

Venue : No.28 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai

Tel : +8621 5252 7198

Web : https://shunartdesign.com/

Artist : Sun Liang JING Shijian Akira Ishikuro Gil yefman

Femme Fatale – Cruel Beauty

What is Femme Fatale? Cold and cruel enchantress, who utilize their fatal beauty and charm to lure men fall into hell, fall to lost all standing and reputation.

Fatal beauty and extraordinary charm are enchantress’s capital, carnality and cruelty is the opposite of beauty and charm. Though Cold and sensuality are derogatory terms, they are happening to be two very important key words. As Georges Bataille (1897-1962)said in his masterpiece “Sensualism”, sensuality and lethality, pain and pleasure, love and death, these feelings are in relatively inseparable relationship.

The enchantress from Greek Mythology and the evil witch from Christian Bible are always been the dedicated materials of poet, painter and playwright. Historic role such as Medusa and the Sphinx who has a beast body with human face are subjects for artists keep on painting throughout history. The Western classical artists such as Eugene Delacroix, Munch and Rembrandt, or other symbolism artists all have art works related to the theme of Femme Fatale. On one hand these religious themes in Western society is well known and easy to understand, on the other hand, a mysterious woman with appraise is always been the curious subject of men all over the world. Arguably, hate and love both. 

This time, Shun Art Gallery invite the famous Japanese curator Mr. Hiroshi Minamishima, to hold an international exhibition themed Femme Fatale. Its meaning lies in the sense that people living in today’s society is essentially thinking on the relationship between men and women, is in fact no fundamental changes. Especially in the high economic growth environment, people’s value converge, money become a single value of today’s Chinese society. In a sense, the theme of Femme Fatale is an interpretation of the Phenomenon, that fallen Man usually treat enchantress’s image as a shield for their corruption in this male centered society. Fatal beauty and extraordinary charm, how men will do about that? Having a female evil by the side is the ultimate reason that loses all standing and reputation. 

This exhibition brings artists from Asia, including China, Japan and Israel. Hope they can give viewers some inspirations, let us think about some questions, and live in the present.

Reviews written in Tokyo by Shun