Extreme Blue—Shun Solo Exhibition

Duration : 10:00 -- 19:00

Opening : Aug 24,2013 (Sat) -- Oct 15,2013 (Tue)

Venue : No.28 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai

Tel : +8621 5252 7198

Web : https://shunartdesign.com/

Artist : Shun

Extreme Blue–2013 Solo Exhibition
There were colorful little parrots in the market while I was visiting. I bought two of them, a blue one and a green one. Dozens of same color of the birds were put in one big cage and the shopkeeper just grabbed each one of them from two different cages, therefore Zhao Cai (name of the blue one) and Jin Bao (name of the green one) met each other and began to live in the same cage. The interesting cohabitation of two birds has started in the gallery. This is not a fiction, but a good wish for love. Zhao Cai is very lively, always having various ways to pose himself, either teases Jin Bao, either plays breakout himself or kisses Jin Bao, which makes us all feel happy and interesting.
I forgot to ask the shopkeeper which one was male and which is female of the two birds when I bought them. After back to the gallery, the blue bird Zhao Cai is active, lively and funny; the green bird Jin Bao is quiet, elegant and looks sad, so I guess the blue bird is probably male and the green bird is female. But perhaps this is just my speculation, or perhaps I am wrough, they are the same sex. Uncertainty is always filled with mystery.
Most art works of this solo exhibition are created in this hot summer time, Zhao Cai and Jin Bao are the protagonists, and their love story is the one that I want to depict about. We don’t know if that is just an encounter or the destiny fate. At least in our opinion, their relationship looks intimate and harmonious.
Environmental impact and our attitudes to the surroundings have something with our fate.Choosing to surpass it or just accept it? What path should we follow after the passions, angriness, sadness or joyment? It often lies in just one different thought in which would be different outcomes. These inner contradictions and entanglements are the roots of all kinds of creations. Just like Leonardo Da Vinci, his transvestism which is not admitted by the society then became a big pressure for him. The contradictious transforms to the fanaticism for his paintings and scientific inventions. In fact, our inner gender oppositions are the essential process of human evolution. Both men and women, the bodies are hidden numerous specific traits in their different living environments. Some people are revealed the traits obviously; some are still latent state only.
What am I going to present in this hot summer that the high tempreture hasn’t appeared during these 100 years? It’s about the environment and relational thinking, which is the theme I will reveal in this exhibition.