Cute Personification and The Merged Love

Duration : 10:00 -- 17:00

Opening : Apr 11,2008 (Fri) -- Apr 22,2008 (Tue)

Venue : Hall 103/208/203, Building 3, No.50, Moganshan Road, Shanghai 200060, China

Tel : 021-52527198/021-62765736

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Prologue for Double Solo-Exhibitions
[Cute Personification] and [Love Infection] are forming these double solo-exhibitions by a Chinese and a Japanese painter. Those little animals created by Mikuo Konoki are so cute that we can hardly move away in front of them. Look the expression in their faces and eyes, and the way they standing. All of it makes you forget the things bothering you, reminding you of being really yourself unconsciously. The courage, which might be lost already, can have someone realize happiness, anger, sorrow and joy in life. The various colors in SHUN’s art works are showing each moving moment of people affecting and influencing each other. She says it is “affecting and loving each other”. To love and being loved are two emotions with different depth, will the color of loving be strong, or exciting, than that of being loved? Is that only female who desires ultimate aesthetics?

The common sense hold by the two painters is the soul of freedom. What are they breaking? Routine? Technic? Principle? What they are breaking are the restriction caused by chasing perfection, and stubbornness hidden in the bottom of heart.

The art museum locates in an environment of elegance and leisure. Under the charming and bright sunshine of spring, we sincerely hope that the exhibition may provide you a sort of freedom and slight feeling of flying! Wish you get chance of indulging imagination in the world of this two artists.