China-Japan Contemporary Ink Painting

Duration : 10:00 -- 19:00

Opening : Apr 24,2011 (Sun) -- May 25,2011 (Wed)

Venue : Shun Art Gallery .Shanghai Room 103/208, building 3 No. 50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai (200060)

Tel : +8621 5252 7198

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Artist :

 While more and more kinds of mediums are used into contemporary art, maybe it’s a little worried that ink painting has fallen behind, because of the simplicity of its media. It seems to be like this, but either the concept of “Contemporary Ink Painting” ,or the new try and explorations by the artist ,they both mean ink painting has its own development.

 The ink art originates from China, after spreading into Japan, there is improvement and innovation while being inheriting, and Chinese artists also devote into the development of ink painting. During the exhibition, it’s an opportunity to have a look at China-Japan contemporary ink painting, and it is also an excellent chance to study a culture with multiple states in globalization.

 Julia F. Andrews, Ohio State University, said about Zhou He’s works as bellows:“The vague and fantastic worlds she suggests are expanded by her extremely powerful and poetic black lines to reveal image after image of surrealist dreamscape. As night falls, Zhou He finally has a moment of quiet to escape the noisy distractions of the real world, and to happily soar into her dream world. These spiritual dreams are very possibly the wellspring of her thought, her work, her creative output, and her emotions. From them we may see the solitude, confusion, loneliness, and hope of human life.”

 ”Life and death, as in the rocking cradle,” said Shine Misako. She wanted to express the world which is simple but also universal by ink. Sometimes, it’s complex and sometimes, it’s like the sense of diffused wandering around the world.
We know the development of ink painting not only because of the explorations of techniques,but also the real expression of feelings ,which can lead visitors to think about themselves or life itself.