Beyond – Song Yonghua × Koo Bona

Duration : 10:00 -- 18:00

Opening : Jun 21,2014 (Sat) -- Aug 3,2014 (Sun)

Venue : No.28 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai

Tel : +8621 5252 7198

Web :

Artist : Bon-A Koo

The sky appears magical light from Song Yonghua’s painting, instantly touch the heart, then let viewer begin to focus on details of the picture. Song Yonghua manage the traditional elements handily. Look at his picture, as if looking at the old photo album, recall the former face of the lifelike and let people moved. Nevertheless, more than this, it seems a mystery of flash in mind between life and death. During the hard livelihood, the experience of the past and future, the warm memories of lying in mother’s arms, or summer dragonflies staying in grandpa’s big hands…it was his painting, let us put The memories of points into lines, then surges in an instant.
Koo Bona like a beautiful spirit of human, she immerses herself in the ecstasy world of Korean paper creation tirelessly, even though with scarred hands. But it was just like the elf’s mischievous forgetting to go home, seems not so fast, but continue to draw. Her pictures didn’t stay in the world of the past recall with nostalgia, but is for the life cycle of philosophical discussion. Where do we come from? And where to go? For the original philosophical question, she answers like this is not bad.
I dare not deal with their works in common too much, but I just feel great that two artists explore their each single world of art in the same space for nearly two months. Distant birdsong, purple robes in dream, the quietly cry of the wind, the shout of the rain, adventure teenager that haven’t know the joys and sorrows of the world…We may often read out of tradition in the picture, but they are also the concept about the distant future.
– Shun