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Opening : Aug 4,2019 (Sun) -- Sep 1,2019 (Sun)

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Artist : George HAYASHI

The Divinity of Horse

It is said that cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world, capable of running at a speed up to 110km per hour. Cheetah prefers hunting antelope which runs at a speed of 90km per hour. However, the cheetah cannot always make it, for the reason that it is a short distance runner. It will become out of breath after sprinting for three to four hundred meters. In contrast, the antelope is a marathon runner with good stamina. Once running for a long time, cheetah fails to catch up with antelope. Is stamina the instinct of antelope, or is it developed after long-time escape for survival?

Isn’t it the chase of cheetah that helps to train the stamina of antelope? 

I stayed in Europe throughout June, including Milan, Venice, Tuscany, Athens, Budapest and Paris. As you travel north, you will find the heat wave of Europe also follows after you and suffocates you. Fortunately, there is pleasant rooftop space in every hotel I stayed. In Milan, you can have a direct appreciation of the architectural aesthetics of cathedrals. In Venice, you can see seagull flit by your shoulder on the rooftop. In Athens, you can have a panorama of its night view in the rooftop restaurant. The heat wave makes both the sunrise and the sunset fascinating everywhere in Europe. Though the heat has not faded, the rosy afterglow begins to take on.

In the afterglow, Acropolis appears so hazy and holy. It is an important beginning in human history. The ancient mythology tells the stories of the Gods, in which animals play an important part. In Greek mythology, horse is the most frequently mentioned. In Greek mythology, most Gods had their horses which seemed to be the symbol of status. Often, the story between horse and man was tragic, or bizarre and fantastic sometimes. For instance, there were man-eating horses; the statuses of man and horse could be replaced. History is linked up by a variety of stories.

In George HAYASHI’s paintings, many animals are involved, such as tiger, cheetah, hare and so on. Each time I see the animals he paints in pop color, I will associate them with unpredictable animal divinity depicted in Greek mythology.

Many sculptures on show in the National Museum of Athens are horses, handsome and glowing with radiating vigor. An elegant and smart horse used to be a necessity to a hero. They made each other. Unconsciously, you will associate with the horses in George HAYASHI’s paintings. Perhaps, the animals in modern artists’ paintings make some difference, expressing not the divinity, but the animal instinct. However, animal’s naturality has always been closely linked with humanity, and the two interact.

Humans use language to breed protocol standards. Compared with animals, infants need much longer time to be looked after and educated. Animals can stand up to adapt to the environment the moment they get born, because only the fittest survives.

In George HAYASHI’s works, I could see soldiers ride their horses and flash by in the gorgeous afterglow. It seems so dreamy and so real.

In many other sculptures in Paris, Milan and other European cities, I also see the divinity of animal. I cannot tell what’s the correlation between them, but my conjecture still lingers in my mind.

Shun from Zhujiajiao Studio