359° Three in One China-Japan Art Exchange in Two Cities

Duration : 10:00 -- 18:00

Opening : Aug 16,2008 (Sat) -- Aug 30,2008 (Sat)

Venue : Shanghai Shun art Gallery RM103/208 Building 3 No.50 MoGanshan Road

Tel : +8621 5252 7198

Web : https://shunartdesign.com/

Artist :

In August, Shanghai Shun Art Gallery will bring you a exhibition, “359°——Three in One China-Japan Art Exchange in Two Cities”. 360° forms a perfect circle. If this “Circle” can be seen as the symbol of “Connection”, are the three artists, Shun, KONOKI Mikuo, Ye Lan, be able to illustrate a complete “Circle” with tools they are holding respectively?

Though the three persons have been walking together in mutual acknowledgement and understanding, it is impossible to create a perfect “Circle”. What they made is a “359° Circle” which is closest to the “Circle”. In common sense, group exhibition is based on a title confirmed by all artists participating, or to find a common essence among artists’ ideas and ways of expression. In one word, it focuses on the creation of “connection” between artists.

In Shun’s work, there always a figure standing or sitting, enjoying life; bodies in Ye Lan’s work always stay in pause; KONOKI Mikuo shows a relax mood in his works. The three artists are seeking for echo between each other, trying to be combined into one and bringing the goal into “Shape”. People who see this circle can feel some kind of comfort rather than sort of lack.

The reason for incomplete circle is the missing “1°”. The three artists are holding on to this “1°”, existing by demonstrating their principle and concept which is different from each other. The chemical caused by these confronting “1°”has given birth to the number which means incompleteness—359°. Actually it is the most perfect number to clarify and identify the existence of the three artists.

“359°——Three in One China-Japan Art Exchange in Two Cities” will be held at same time in Shanghai and Shenyang from middle to late August. Shenyang leaves us mysterious impression as industrial city as well as the birthplace of the last dynasty, Qing Dynasty. Shanghai distills essence from both western and eastern culture, follows the civilization trend and develops new culture. Two cities are both cooperative city for 2008 Beijing Olympic, sub-court of football game. Shun Art Gallery will start from Shanghai and end the journey in Shenyang.

Hope your applause for that 1°.