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The 15th anniversary of evolution
Back to the August of 2006, the heating summer days in Europe, half of the Parisians would choose to spend their time by the seaside, while the others would linger between museums and art galleries. Paris is also such a city where you never can finish visit the all art exhibitions, from classical art to contemporary art, from art to design. In the same time of the August I was still studying in Paris, and started the first movement of Shun Art Gallery, M50 space in Shanghai.
The M50 space has been running for 10 years and renovated for twice. Bring the student entrepreneurship, i started in the situation that not acquaintance with any artists and collectors and lack of experience, but i think the enthusiasm for things I like is the best starting point and support.
The M50 space’shows combined contemporary art and design at the beginning. I designed more than 10 pieces of lighting installations by myself and organized the group or solo exhibitions. However, at the same time the original passion was also influenced and shocked by Beijing Olympics, WenChuan earthquake and the Lehman Brothers crisis in 2008. That year, emotions trends were fluctuating as society numbers.
By 2010 Shanghai World Expo, we created a Shanghai World Expo Commemorative Plate Painting with 13 famous Chinese and Japanese artists , include Yayoi Kusama, Nobuo Sekine and Susumu koshimizu from Japan, Zhou Chunya and Liu Ye from China. Since the first World Expo brought to public the impact of technology and art, the Shanghai World Expo Commemorative Plate Painting is a beautiful connection and commemoration of contemporary art in Asia. In the first decade of the 21st century, we are grateful to these 13 artists and their achievements for Asian contemporary art movements, also we hope to inspire more young artists in the future by this Commemorative Plate Painting . Recording this moment for Asian contemporary art , it also aims to inspire the future.
At 2011, we been through another big earthquake in east Japan, In the face of the common disaster of mankind, we continued the charity auction activity done during the Wenchuan earthquake . So thanks for all the supporters who love art and always hold the supremacy of humanism. We received kind donations from international artists and collectors again. Use these charity auction funds, we built 7 libraries in Li Bai’s hometown Jiangyou City,China , and donated a children’s art projects in the disaster-stricken area at the Iwate Prefectural Art Museum in Japan.
We grow up in constant movements, whether it’s natural disasters or social behaviors, every exhibition, whether it’s a group or solo exhibition.Every artist, whether it’s famous or just a newcomer, Shun Art Gallery has always keep the vision based on inspire people from contemporary art and design. While we continue to explore the possibilities of contemporary art and design, also hope to bring new perspectives and thoughts to all audiences, This can be regarded as the most important purpose of contemporary art.
Shun art gallery moved to Fuxing Middle Road after 10 years in M50 space. we stopped for one year in between, because personal reason i had an accident in South Korea caused damage to the optic nerve of the right eye. When we restart but still keeping the same concept, we moved in french concession of shanghai.But the restart also make us realized the form can be change, both for individual and entire Shun Art gallery.
We want to change the sense of distance in a big contemporary exhibitions like a huge blank box and the mood that most galleries in shanghai are gather in the same area.Somehow indigestible mass . These rebel thoughts brought us to the French concession, a old `historic apartment space. And for past four years, more ideas has become clearer and purer in here. Individuals and teams who have experienced turbulence also have more resistance and strong belief. Time by time we also realize the preciousness continuing to do what we really like.
For the all past fifteen years, each exhibition, each artist we worked with, each young artists we supported under the residency project, each art piece of our collection, all based on the same concept that always be maintained, the concept of continuous evolution, these all things constitute our history of the past 15 years .
At this 15th anniversary, we are still experiencing the COVID-19, and our daily lives have changed a lots, include our thoughts. Perhaps each of us has been stagnant a period of time or lost in the sense of falling and the up and down emotions. But this special period can trigger the biggest thinking movement about evolution. but still, hope that our unchanging belief is to continue to do what we really like.
The [ Healing ] exhibition is the first show of our 15th anniversary collection exhibitions. we hope that the small evolution theory from Shun Art Gallery in the past fifteen years can bring everyone a large-scale evolution thinking about the present, the past and the future.
The theory of evolution is for evolve, and it is also for reincarnation. We are evolving by looking back and thinking about the past ,so we can move forward more strongly.

– Shun, in Tokyo

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