The Color

Duration : 11:00-19:00 (closed on Monday)

Opening : 2022.8.18-2022.9.25

Venue : Room 108, No. 3, Lane 1363, Middle Fuxing Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

Tel : +86 (0)21 5496 1918

Web :

Artist : 蒋 正根|JIANG Zhenggen


The Moment of Restart

Simultaneous exhibitions in Shanghai and Tokyo

On August 18, 2022, Shun Art Gallery will celebrate its 16th anniversary. Two solo exhibitions of artists will be held simultaneously in Shanghai and Tokyo this summer.

Since the beginning of Codiv-19, it has been the third summer and we have faced the seventh wave of peaks. The long-term epidemic has made everyone physically and mentally exhausted, and even indifferent. In China, due to the Zero-COVID policy, even if only one person infected with coronavirus is found, the area where the person is located must be strictly managed, and nucleic acid testing will be done every 72 hours. Compared with the daily average of 10,000 infected people in Tokyo, it is only a small number. What will happen to the Zero-COVID policy in the memory of history? What about the Ukraine war?

A 32-year-old Chinese journalist in Japan had been subjected to a huge attack by netizens for her shedding tears while reporting on the Abe affair, and then she committed suicide due to unbearable cyber violence. In Japan, there were many statements against Abe’s state funeral on platforms such as FACEBOOK, in contrast to the 1.5 million people who still went to lay flowers. Regardless of what is the right judgment for the moment, the black and white in the world cannot necessarily be resolved in one way.

Perhaps we all live confused. When I’m busy, I think about why I’m so busy. I always ask myself, am I living happily?

In the works of Yu Gan, an artist exhibited in the Tokyo Space, we can see the obsession with the way he wants to live. His works portray the tough flesh of people struggling to survive in a treacherous world from a variety of perspectives. It is a series of works that are conceptually and authentically expressed in the form of exquisite traditional Chinese painting. At the low point of the stock price in midsummer, the curves in the picture, made up of the stock index and the Dow Jones, are a clever expression of the author’s inspiration, bringing interesting life enlightenment to those modern people who suffer from numbers.

Understand yourself and surpass yourself. By learning to make ourselves happy, we might be able to have a positive impact on those around us. Try capturing the various heartbeats in art works, and see if you can feel the joy and sorrow of the body in the work ‘Body and Natural’ by New York-based artist Yu Gan.

Jiang Zhenggen’s works in the Shanghai space are abstract works in Minimalist format. The Chinese title of the solo exhibition,「Yi and Se」is not easy to translate into English. In his series of abstract paintings, Jiang Zhenggen conveys the “life” he experienced in this specific environment of China, and the “color” of modern society reflected in the artist’s eyes. It is natural that they are more or less influenced by monochromatism and minimalism, but you should catch their originality.

Now that the 7th wave of Covid-19 is sweeping in, I sympathize with Yoro Takeshi’s words that thinking about ‘death’ can help us live with peace of mind.

        Tokyo Atelier 

Shun 2022.07.21

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