Duration : Jun.5th, 2021 (Sat.) - Jul.25th, 2021 (Sun.) 12pm - 8pm

Opening : Jun.5th, 2021 (Sat.) - Jul.25th, 2021 (Sun.)

Venue : Room 108, No. 3, Lane 1363, Middle Fuxing Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

Tel : +86 (0)21 5496 1918

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Artist : GONG He, Yunbok LEE, Sungkyu AHN, Yuki MATSUEDA, Takuma KAMINE, Mika SHIMAUCHI

India facing great challenges at the moment, before the COVID ,we never thought something like this would happen . People will select the memory , because of the flowing time river, we just focus on present . But if just viewing one angle , focus one period of time…… we should try to extend our viewing , stretch the time to 100 year before ,200 year before …… Look back at history ,we will realize that human history is constantly coming again and again .Time will make the all the event transform into an history , just like the pandemic of 1918 and the twice World War . Let‘s switch the perspective to the future , pay attention to tomorrow , thinking where will time flow.
At the scene of Shun Art gallery’s first show of 15th anniversary “healing”, one guest who work on urban design expressed gratitude to us because we don’t install spotlight in the exhibition hall which will breake the atmosphere of vintage house ; and also a artist friend graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts acclaimed us as the only gallery where exhibition hall and art works do not steal the spotlight from each other ; some guests come and feel the delighted atmosphere ,and express how more they got in communications …… Actually , we are “healing”indeed in the show“healing” by guests . Shun Art gallery is different from other gallery , unconsciously become a persevering and warm place.
Then , the second show of 15th anniversary ,we still exhibit China-Japan-Korea artists’works . And we also caring for Indian artists , curators and collectors , sincerely.
Japanese artist Yuki MATSUEDA graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts , she is an active 3D artist currently , make everyone surprise because she always handle the dimension and break the rule and limit .
Takuma KAMINE since childhood was attracted by the buddhist status in kyoto’s tample and his young mind must have sensed the universe with them, that represent obviously in his works “Guardians”figures and drawings.
Most of Mika SHIMAUCHI’s sculptures are made by clay , it’s really hard to feel the realism in modern society . We could get the food in supermarket in the circumstance that we don’t know the origin of the food , when SHIMAUCHI saw deer hunting once, in that period she always think the meat at her mouth is still alive . Clay could be touch , this feeling is important to know who we are . Through her works to touch the realism , show us the real of the world . But,”Even we don’have this feeling , We can still live in this world.” Are you aware of it?
Korean artist Lee Yun Bok finished his research-student program in metal sculpture at Tokyo University of the Arts . Hammering , bending , cutting and grinding ,and then attaching the damaged metal pieces by welding and finely poblished to create a new life . With a mirror-liked body , his works blend with surroundings , and speaks to the hearts of those who look upon it .
Korean artist AHN Sung-kyu’depicting the city sky — it’s not showing the city building nor sky , but the thin line between them . When viewer front his works , will feel like building a relationship with “heaven and earth”, under the “void”and “vacuum”, we will feel heart wide .
“Only the city knows it’s just a pile of dirt , only money knows it’s just a piece of paper.” “Potato left the earth , there is no life already , potato have to back to the soil , then it will be happiness .”This is Gong He , a poet artist .
We always regard and understand the things around you with your own inertial thinking . Our inertia is a cage , we use the inertia to neglect , think inconceivably , we don’t think it’s real or possible . As soon as “think”, as soon as”consider”,we fall in inertial . [ incredible] ‘s interest is breaking the cage , everything is clear and never hide , not need to think over , in fact , it’s destine already.
After hundred years , a decade may only be counted as a 1.0 version , the second just past half , entering 2.0 version . Alternately , think about the impossible , make it happen . At the beginning Alibaba never though it would derived Taobao , Tmall , Alipay , Ant……Just as the world is amazed at how organic life is born from inorganic matter , break away from the gravitational field of “gene”, The process of achieving the upgrade is also fascinating .
People with faith can see the truth and beauty in the depths of this world.

MAO Qianhui
Grain Full,2021

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