Duration : 12:00 - 19:00

Opening : 2021.April.30th(FRI)-2021.June.14th(sun)

Venue : Clinic Mall 3F, the Towers Daiba Build.,2-2-4 Daiba,Minato-ku-ku,Tokyo

Tel : +81 (0) 3-6426-0726

Web :

Artist : 柴一茗 裴晶 余启平 内田江美 佐藤令奈


When I was a child, I secretly took Lawrence’s “Mrs. Chatterley’s Lover” from my father’s study room to read. In the forest, the plot of Connie naked dancing in the rain is a very mysterious and bold erotic fantasy for me. I still remember being reprimanded by an adult after being exposed. The mystery, taboos, and violations of the adult world that children see bring unlimited reveries. I want to know what the difference between adults and children is.

French philosopher Georges Bataille defined pornography as something that is endogenous in human consciousness and shakes the existence of human beings. When it is not purely animal sex, human sexual activity becomes erotic, which is essentially an internal experience.
As Bataille’s own philosophical book, three books full of rationality, “Antitheological Encyclopedia” (“Inner Experience”, “The Guilty”, “About Nietzsche”) and “Eyeball Tan” and “Sky Blue” Sexual Desire There is a dramatic gap hidden between the depictions. This kind of dual or multiple personality element that spans philosophy and literature is both confusing and fascinating. Today, when social distancing is required in the new crown epidemic, the reason for planning the China-Japan five-group exhibition is the lack of “internal experience”.

This exhibition is the touring exhibition of the “Shunga Yobai” exhibition held in Shanghai last year in Tokyo. It will exhibit the works of three Chinese artists Yu Qiping, Pei Jing, and Chai Yiming, as well as two Japanese artists, Rena Sato. Graphic works and installation works by Uchida Emi. The works of Shanghai artists have been exhibited on tour, but Rena Sato made new works for this exhibition. The artist Uchida Emi, who lives in Okayama, exhibits her unique installation art. Spring paintings have reached a perfect balance on undyed canvas and have been exhibited in galleries in Singapore, the United States and overseas. It was also exhibited in an ancient residence in the Seto Inland Sea, Japan. After Uchida’s solo exhibition, I changed the form of the installation to connect the exhibition. It can be said that this is the contemporary expression of spring painting. Sato Rena’s works are very detailed. The hands she portrays are similar to those of Buddha statues. There seems to be a contradiction between elegance and carnal desire. In fact, her work’s vision of “innocence” is also flickering. We also seek the “sacred” in “behavior” by attaching “love” to desire.

On the other hand, the depiction of “nude” in the works of Chinese artist Pei Jing is reminiscent of the heroine in the propaganda of a stage play. This is a contemporary transformation. What do the audience feel on the screen? This kind of “strange incomprehension” gives birth to lust. Chai Yiming’s works are painted on classical folding pages, hidden among the landscape paintings. The artist seems to play “hide and seek” in the paintings. If you look carefully, you can see the “sexy” plot performance.

Yu Qiping’s spring paintings are as elegant, soothing and clear as the literati paintings on the unique vermilion of the walls of the Forbidden City, mixing a cautious sense of humor and lust. His experience of living in Kyoto for 20 years has brought about a mixture of different cultures that has nurtured internationality. Yu Qiping has brought what can be seen in contemporary literati paintings into a comfortable state.

Tokyo is taking measures to prevent the spread, and another emergency declaration has been made in the past few days. Osaka is also taking emergency measures. In the anxiety caused by the epidemic, it is also a great comfort to be able to feel the “unknown purity” in these works.

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