Yunbok LEE | 李 允馥


1970 Year of birth
1998 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts Japan
        Research Student, Metal Sculpture
        Board member of the International Sculpture Symposium 
        in Icheon(ISSI) Committee, Gyonggido, Korea
Now         Lives and works in Korea
Solo Exhibition
2016 Lee Yun Bok, Gallery Tsubaki, Tokyo, Japan 
2015 Lee Yun Bok’s Sculpture, Woo Gallery, Busan, Korea 
2013 A Voyage Through Time, Hanbyeokwon Museum, Seoul, Korea 
2010 Spring Sparkling, Gallery MOA, Heyri Art Valley, Paju, Korea
Group Exhibition
2018 Hommage to POSCO, POSCO Museum, Seoul, Korea
2017 The Shoes Box Exhibition, Ohtawara City Institute of Art Cultural-Studies, Japan
2016 Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition 2016, Seoul Arirang Festival, Seoul City Hall
        Gallery Tsubaki Reunion, Tsubaki Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2015 100 Artworks/100 Korea Representatives, Seongnam Art Center, Korea
2014 The 12th Oita Asia Sculpture Exhibition, Oita Prefecture Art Association
2013 Nine Artists, Gallery Jireh, Heyri, Korea
Art Fairs
2018 Harbour Art Fair, Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel, Hong Kong
        The 36th Korea Galleries Art Fair, COEX, Korea
2017 Context Art Miami, The CONTEXT | Art Miami Pavilion, USA
        KIAF, COEX, Seoul, Korea
        Asian Contemporary Art Show. Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong
2016 Art Palm Beach, Palm Beach County Ctr Center, Florida, USA
2015 Context Art Miami, The CONTEXT | Art Miami Pavilion, USA
        Art Taipei Intl’ Art Fair, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei
        Scope Basel, Switzerland
2014 Art Hamptons, New York, USA
2013 Houston Fine Art Fair, Texas, USA
2014 Finalist, The 12th Oita Asia Sculpture Exhibition, Oita Prefecture Art Association, Japan
2013 The 2nd Arirang Awards, ISF 2013 Seoul International Sculpture Symposium, Seoul, Korea
2008 Finalist, The 9th Oita Asia Sculpture Exhibition, Oita Prefecture Art Association, Japan
2007 Finalist, 2007 POSCO Steel Art Award, POSCO Museum, Seoul, Korea 
2005 Winner of the Landscape Painting Entry: National competition of Jangseong Art Park’s sculptures, Jeonranamdo, Korea
2001 Merit Award, Children Playground Competition, Korean Residential Corporation, Korea
1998 First Prize, The 2nd Outdoor Sculpture Grand Exhibition, Hongik University, Chochiwon, Korea
Public Collections
2014 Source of Life, LGB Menara, DDTI, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
        River Flow, MTR Sheung Shui Station, MTR Corp. Ltd, Hong Kong
2013 Dancing Queen, Art Valley, Crown Haitai confectionery group, Korea 2011 Oscar, POMA Pohang Museum of Steel Art, Korea
2010 Timeless Eternity, Icheon City Hall, Korea
2008 Body, Art Bank, Korea
2001 Imagine the days…, Korea World Ceramics Exposition, Korea
1998 Promise of the Millennium, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Hongik University, Korea


Born in Seoul, Korea in 1970, Lee’s work is based on the fundamental core of human body and humanity.  Since his return from Japan in 2003 after finishing his research-student program in metal sculpture at Tokyo University of the Arts, he has been working almost exclusively in stainless steel for his creation.  He creates work from hard stainless steel that feels heavy and is light, looks firm and yet soft, with essential elements and simplicity. 
The creation of his work begins with damaging a pure metal through hammering, bending, cutting and grinding, and then attaching the damaged metal pieces by welding and then finely polished to create a new life.  Likewise, the core of our body and soul are damaged and hurt as well, and they are similarly mended, comforted and purified over time.  
Although his work process requires a tremendous amount of time and labor, he believes that his work evolves through the process of making, i.e. it is spontaneously generated in the process of making.  As the artist says “Artwork is made on the border between mind and body.  We go to sleep feeling the pain of our body, and so we awake.” And again, “…to me the process is a part of the artwork itself and it is where its soul emerges”.  With a mirror-liked body, the evolution of his work never stops as it mutates into new forms with its ever changing surroundings.  Its soul speaks to the hearts of those who look upon it.