Yuki MATSUEDA | 松枝 悠希


1980 Born in Ibaraki, Japan
2010 Tokyo University of the Arts, Ph.D. in Design, Japan
Now  Vistiting lecturer of Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan
Solo Exhibitions
2017 Super Ordinary, BLANK SPACE, New York, NY, USA 
2016  Yuki MATSUEDA Solo exhibition, SHINSEIDO, Tokyo, Japan
2015  The King’s Vacation!, Keumsan Gallery, Hong Kong
2014  Yuki MATSUEDA From the beginning, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea
        Yuki MATSUEDA  The way, SHINSEIDO, Berlin, Germany
        Yuki MATSUEDA Solo exhibition, Keumsan Gallery, Hong Kong
2012 Yuki MATSUEDA Be Ready to Run!, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea
        Yuki MATSUEDA No hesitation, SHINSEIDO, Tokyo, Japan
2011 Yuki MATSUEDA, GYM project, Seoul, Korea
        Yuki MATSUEDA Solo exhibition, Randy Art Hill, Tokyo, Japan
2010  Yuki MATSUEDA Solo exhibition, Shibuya.SEIBU, Tokyo, Japan
2008  Yuki MATSUEDA, Shibuya.SEIBU, Tokyo, Japan
                Yuki MATSUEDA Debut!!, YPSILON GROUP, Tokyo, Japan
Group Exhibitions
2013 NEW POP-Art + Fashion Exhibition, Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai China
NEW POP, Sanjogion Gallery,Kyoto Japan
2012 Edition: The New Wave, Interalia, Seoul Korea
2011 Wabi Savvy, JAUS, Los Angeles America
2010 The Art of Three Kingdoms, Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai China
Asia Young ArtistsV, Keumsan Gallery, Tokyo
2009 1 st New Year Exhibition, Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai China
Tag Boat Spring Award 2009,Tag Boat Gallery; 11 Exhibition,Ichee’s Gallery
C-DEPOT 2009–Message,Spiral Garden; Exhibition C-DEPOT 2009-Red
           C-DEPOT 2009-Monochrome; 39thWestern International Art Exhibition America Art
                Excellence Award,Western Art Club; AAC 2009 ,AAC
           Green Art Collection, Shibuya Nishitake; Korea Otei Art Fair
2008  ART ADVANCE ADACHI 2008, Mizuho Street Gallery,Mizuho Bank, Japan
    C-DEPOT 2008 – Home,Japan
2007  Tokyo University of Fine Arts Graduation exhibition, Tokyo Japan
C-DEPOT 2007-present, Spiral Garden, Japan
2006  5th Stone Sculpture Festival,Sugakawa, Japan
2005  Tokyo University of Fine Arts Graduation Exhibition, Sale Award Japan
    Breaks Station Gallery, R Ueno Station,Tokyo Japan
  Ichee’s Gallry Group Exhibition
2004  Group Exhibition -☆×8, Tokyo University of Fine Arts, Tokyo Japan
2003 Private Project 2, Pepper’s Gallery
    Garbage’s reborn, Nara;
15th Bright Objection Exhibition, Kifu
    Craftsmen, Osaka; Secret Base, Tokyo University of Fine Arts
    Saitama Group Exhibition; Amuse ArtistAudition,Kyoto
2002 Insect Exhibition,Tamo;Gunma Open Space Art Competition 2002
11th Creative Exhibition ,Tokyo University of Fine Arts
2001 10th Creative Exhibition ,Tokyo University of Fine Arts
Art Fairs
2017 Moniker International, u-k ART,LONDON
2016 CONTEXT Art Miami, BLANK SPACE Gallery, Miami, FL, USA
        AHAF SEOUL, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea
        Art Fair TOKYO, Shinseido, Tokyo, Japan
2015 AHAF 2015 HK, Keumsan Gallery, Hong Kong
        LA Art Show, Keumsan Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2014 AHAF 2014 HK, Keumsan Gallery, Hong Kong
2013 AHAF2013, Seoul Korea
        KIAF2013, Seoul Korea
        Kyoto Art Fair, Kyoto Japan
        Citizen Art of Shanghai, Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai China
        India Art Fair, New Delhi India
2012 KIAF12, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul Korea
        SH Contemporary, Shun Art gallery, Shanghai China
        Spoon art fair HK12, Keumsan Gallery, Hong Kong
        CIGE, Keumsan Gallery, Beijing China
2011 AHAF 2011 SEOUL, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul Korea
        KIAF2011, Shun Art Gallery, Seoul Korea
        Doors Art Fair2011, Shun Art Gallery, Seoul Korea
        Art Osaka, Keumsan Gallery, Osaka Japan
        Art Fair Kyoto, Shinseido, Kyoto Japan
        Young Art Taipei, Keumsan Gallery, Taipei
        Art Metz 2011, Shun Art Gallery, Paris France
        Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair, Keumsan Gallery, Hong Kong
2010 +PLUS Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair, Shinseido, TokyoJapan
        Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul Korea
2010 Nippon Paint Design Center Award, Japan
2009 Tagboat Autumn Award 2009, Japan
        Tagboat Spring Award 2009, Japan
2006Mizuho Street Gallery, Japan
2005 Tokyo University of Arts completion exhibition purchase prize,Japan
2003 The 19th Hans「Planning Award」Tokyu Hans,Japan
        Amuse Artist Audition,Kyoto Japan
2002 Open Space Art Competition 2002,Gunnma Ken Japan


Yuki Matsueda Plays With Dimension to Break All Ordinary Rules
It’s one thing to conform to boring, one-dimensional street signs, but one gets a whole different feeling when obeying the incredible 3D art sings by Japanese artist Yuki Matsueda. These artworks are definitely attractive and easy to pay attention to. The series is fun, creative and unique—the pieces certainly break the mold.
Matsueda’s work consists of signs, ordinary elements and abstract images trying to escape the plastic frame they’re put into. The artist creates a 3D piece by giving the impression that the subject of the image has come to life and is trying to escape its constraints. My favorite has to be the exit man trying to actually exit—it’s extremely ironic and eye-catching.
Yuki Matsueda is a young artist whose intentions were to express through art the need to break with everyday rules and boundaries.
Matsueda completed his PHD in crafts at Tokyo University of the Arts and has since been active as a 3D artist. Although Matsueda’s parents run a printing company in Japan, his interest has been in printing equipment and 3-dimensional solids rather than 2-dimensional prints. Nevertheless, his childhood memories
and aesthetic senses still retain a natural affinity for his parents’ printed products. Matsueda’s recent work express motifs from 2-dimensional planes that protrude and encompass 3-dimensional spaces. The author seeks to overcome the limitations of the printing industry and its products — planar objects.

“The subject is literally trying to get out of the picture! How awesome are these 3D artworks by Japanese artist Yuki Matsueda. The desire to escape from the constraints, the standard of the ordinary is what has animated Matsueda for this series of works in 3D. I would love to get my hands on couple of these!”

“While most designers are busying adding more and more elements into their artworks, Japan-based Yuki Matsueda has, however, managed to let some elements escape from his art pieces. The result seems quite amazing… A vivid 3D image is successfully created and all the elements are believed to be more shocking than those stay still on paper.”
From Yuki
One of the themes of the Matsueda work is to shape an “impossible moment.” To illustrate this theme, his works consist of
3-dimensional solids born from motifs protruding from 2-dimensional planes.