YU Aijun|于艾君


YU Aijun

1971 Born in Taling Town, Liaoning Province, China
2004 Graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts
Lives and works in Shenyang

Solo Exhibitions

2019 Suttering, Yu aijun’s Project. M’Studio, Beijing
Either the east wind blows over the West Wind or the West Wind Blows over the East Wind Heavy Truck, Chen Gallery, Beijing

2018 Liansan, OVO Art Space, Taipei
They confession,They said yes. But they shouted,Basel Art Exhibition, Hong Kong
Timetable Occupy Station, 55 Gallery, Shanghai

2017 Yu Aijin – Group in the Dark, Being 3 Gallery, Beijing
Mud and Swamp, Fuyan Commune, Beijing
Measure of Time, Soka Lab, Beijing

2016 Emergence, E Space, Shanghai
Hostility – Yu Aijun’s Works, Fu Yan Commune, Beijing
Resist the View – Solo Exhibition of Yu Aijun, Taibei
Cleanse – Yu Aijun’s Works, Top Red Gallery, Beijing
Things Discussion, Honyo Art Centre, Beijing
Manuscript, When Shine Art Centre, Nanjing

2015 Unclassified Painting – home letters and Others, MOCA

King shallow like answer, Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore

2014 LARGEPIGMENT, Art Seasons Beijing, Beijing
Scrawl, Shenyang Jolie Art Gallery, Shenyang

2012 Stagnation – Ink paintings of Yu Aijun, Librairie Avant-Garde, Nanjing
Shadow Drawings – New works on paper of Yu Aijun, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai
Ink, PIFO New Art Studios, Beijing

2011 Practices of Illumination and Prune Bamboo, Art Museum of The Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Shenyang
Real Scenes, Fake Stories, Hehui Art Space, Shanghai
Six Pieces of Paintings, Beijing BBT Publishing consultant Co. Ltd, Beijing

Group Exhibitions

2020 Holiday Project 1,Inna Artspace,hangzhou
2019 Cutting by Blunt Knife, Yue Art Museum
Just after riding a bicycle, someone suddenly asked the way. Excuse me, is there a park ahead? keyi Gallery, Hefei, Anhui
Seventh Seventh Sexual Art Salon, Paris
On Nature and Insanity, Migrant Bird Space, Berlin
Writing Nature, E4 Space, Guangzhou
I’d Rather Struggle, Inna Art Space, Hangzhou
3CM Museum, K11 Museum, Shenyang
Jianshan changed beamⅡ, Beijing
Romance and Love, Galerir Sol, Paris

2018 35×35:中国Chinese Art Project,Copelouzos Family Art Museum, Athens, Greece
Heterotopia in paper, Cornerstone Art Gallery, Taizhong, Taiwan
Respace, Whitebox Art Museum, Beijing
Ode to Gallantry, Chen Gallery, Beijing
Chinese Contemporary Art Yearbook (2017), Minsheng Modern Art Museum, Beijing
Contemporary Chinese Works on Paper – A Review, Ipswich Museum and Gallery, Ipswich
SIZE, Garage Experimental Space, Beijing
Fifty moons,Van Art Space,Hangzhou,China
Show18,Yishun Art Space, Shenyang

2017 Pai Ma – The 2nd Xinfengcun Biennale, Gallery of Yangtze University, Jinzhou
Art is much splendid a thing, Gallery 55, Shanghai
Steles – Le Printemps de Pekin, Ying Space, Beijing
Xina’s Scrolls, SZ Art Center, Beijing
East and West Walk Forward, The Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow
New Poems, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Art, Nanjing
Views From the Other Side, Ming Yuan Art Museum, Beijing
Disappeared, Boxes Art Space, Shenzhen
Concreteness – Contemporary Painting in Micro View, Hubei Academy of Fine Arts, Wuhan
As We Think, Rule Gallery, Denver,USA
Experiment Painting – Inter Youth Artists Exhibition, Museum of China Acadamy of Art, Hangzhou
To the Future, Fuyan Commune, Beijing
Mindlessness Meets Happiness, MOUart, Beijing
2016 Metaphor on paper, Sunwayart, Beijing
Autobiography, Ningbo Art Museum, Ningbo
Present, Pushi Art, Taizhong
Images Pool, Ginkgo Art Center, Beijing
The National Art Exhibition of Drawing, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
Threshold Frequency, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing
Quartet, Li Long Gallery, Shenyang
Drawing the Beginning, pisodique Gallery, Paris
Contemporary painting on paper in China, Waterfront Gallery, London Boundless Society, E-Space, Shanghai
Distinguished, Sanwei Art Center, Shanghai
Double-Click:Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hu Xia Space, Shenzhen
116㎡+POP UP – Painting Binnale, Art Museum 116, Hangzhou
The Drawing Hand, Magda Danysz Gallery, Shanghai
On the Road – Invitation Exhibition, Zhongshan Museum of Art, Dalian
2015 Progress Every Day, Zhuzhong Art Museum, Beijing
Drawing of the Form – The Chinese and English Drawing Exchange Exhibition, Western Art Museum, Xi’an
Blackness, Ying Art Center, Shanghai
On the Road – China Invitational Exhibition of Young Artists, GuanShanYue Art Museum, Shenzhen
City Coat, West Bank Art Center, Shanghai
Poly Art Exhibition of Contemporary Art Exhibition, National Convention Center, Beijing
Small Is Beautiful, Season Gallery, Beijing
POKE FACE, Shunart gallery, Shanghai
Asahi Dance, Shiwan Gallery, Weihai
To Date, Li Long Gallery, Shenyang
Prophecy, Stack Art Museum, Shanghai
2014 Chain – Four Artists Exhibition, GCAC, Shenyang
Parkview, Green Art Center, Beijing
Small Logic of Contemporary Art Language Coding and Discourse Expression, Parkview Arts Center, Fangcaode Gallery, Beijing
1199 People – Long Museum Collection Exhibition, Long Museum
12 ARTISTS WITH 76 WORKS ON PAPER, Art Seasons Beijing, Beijing
John Moores Painting Prize(CHINA)Exhibition, Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai
Hubbub or Murmur, Gallery Beijing Space, Beijing

2013 The Wave – The Third Time of Project, Vanguard Gallery and The Bund No.18, Shanghai
Expression and Limit, Art Museum of The Nanjing University of Arts, Nanjing
Reflections on Ink, LELEGE Art Space, Beijing
Keywords of The Time – Nine Cases of Contemporary Arts, Muskmelonman Commune, Shanghai
The Shade of Time, Art Seasons Beijing, Beijing

2012 MADE IN CHINA – Benetton 12 × 12 cm Project, Art Museum of Benetton, Italy
Painting 2012, Thousand Plateaus Art Space, Chengdu
Cold Encounter, Soka Art Center, Beijing
Poetry, Art Museum of The Nanjing University of Arts, Nanjing
Yeast, Art Seasons Beijing, Beijing
The 3rd Bangkok Triennale International Print and Drawing Exhibition, Silpakorn University, foundation, Bangkok
Contemporary Ink Works of China, VA Gallery, Hongkong

2011 Daily – Dscribe An Intuition Liberalize Yourself, Qinghe Contemporary Museum, Nanjing
Swordsman – Young Artists Exhibition, Aura Gallery, Beijing
Extension, Art Museum of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing; Art Museum of Nîmes Academy of Fine Arts, France
Postcard – International Sketch Research Exhibition, Art Museum of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
Art Museum of the University of New South Wales, Australia

2010 The 7th International Water-Ink Biennial – Flavour Delivered by New Brushes Unit, Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen
Dimensionality, Red Star Gallery, Beijing
A+A Fifth Annual Exhibition, PIFO New Art Gallery, Beijing
Making History – China Youth New Art Guest Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing
Inviting Exhibition for Paintings by Professors of Oil Painting from Chinese Academies of Fine Arts, Art Museum of China Academy of Fine Art, Hangzhou
2009 Urban Troubadours – A Spring of Chinese-French Cultural Exchange, Thousand Plateaus Art Space, Chengdu
A+A Fourth Annual Exhibition, PIFO New Art Gallery, Beijing
Chinese Situation – Chongqing Station, Chongqing 501 Contemporary Art Museum

2008 21st Century Water-ink Academic Exhibition, Art Museum of China National Academy of Painting, Beijing
Sketch Exhibition of Artists from China, Japan and Korea, Parks Art Project Space, Beijing
Works of The Artists from The Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Gallery Mulin, Shanghai
Upside Down in Priority, Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao
Seeking Reality – Pragmatism and Virtuality, Red-Star Gallery, Beijing

2007 Magnification – Contemporary Art Exhibition, Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, Shanxi Province
Korea-China Modern Fine Arts Exchange Exhibition, Korea Seongnam Arts Center, Seoul, Korea

2006 Hold Fast and Break Through, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
2003 International Contemporary Sketch Invitation Exhibition, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum, Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts Art Museum, China Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum


For a long time, I have used paintings, videos, installations and other media to focus on the many problems and conflicts between individuals and collectives in reality, to expand political commentary and media imagination, and often use “sketching” as a consciously updated experimental path. Exhibition presentations are mostly in the form of projects to promote the progress or evolution of the current stage of work.

——于艾君 Aijun Yu