Yonghua SONG | 宋 永华


1975 Year of birth
1998 Graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy
Now Lives and works in Shanghai
Solo Exhibition
2013 Cloud 9, Studio Rouge, Shanghai China
2008 Piercing colors of the inner contradictions, 1918 Space, Shanghai China
2018 Shanghai ·  in the rain, Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai China
2014 Beyond – Song Yonghua × KOO Bona, Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai China
2010 China’s emerging artistInvitational exhibition, Sulzbach AULA Art Center, Germany
1999 Growing Shanghai Youth Biennial, Liu Hai Su Museum, Shanghai China
Art Fairs
2013 A.R.T. Art Revolution Taipei, TaiwanChina
2012 Barcelona art fair Swab 2012, Barcelona Spain
2011 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai China
2010 ART TAIPEI 2010, Taiwan China 
2009 Shanghai Art Fair 2009, Shanghai China