XING Gang | 邢 罡


Born in 1978
A Famous Chinese Artist 
Live in Beijing and Jeju Island, Korea
First batch artists were signed to European international institutions In 2005
Academic contribution: Iceberg Language System, Earth life Books project, Meta-life Art Research etc.
Be invited to participate in more than 70 important academic exhibitions at home and abroad
Solo Exhibition
2017 57th Venezia Biennale “Earth life Books project: Meta-life Art Research”, 
                European Pavilion of San Marino, Venice, Italy
2016 Tian Yi Produces Water, literature research (1999~2013), Xiamen, China
                Earth Life Books Project: The plan of Wutai Mountain & Yun gang Grottoes, Shanxi China
2015 YUAN: N Dimensions, Beijing China
2014 A Dialogue Between Iceberg and Horizon, Xinjiang China
2012 Iceberg–The Great Falls, Asia International Environment Art, Busan Korea 
2004 Consumption of Artificial View, Dublin Ireland 
Group Exhibition

2018 Zeytinburn, International Photo Fairs,Istanbul Turkey
2017 BANANA BANANA 2, Diskurs Berlin, Berlin Germany
2016 National Arts Fund Project: Art Exhibition of Chinese rubbings Culture about 
                the Urban Memory, Beijing China 
                Critical Connections: Switzerland Art Exhibition, Kt.Luzern, Pfaffnau, Switzerland 
2015 The First “INK ASIA” Art Exposition: The Public Space Art Invitational Exhibition, Hong Kong China 
                The 2nd Nanjing International Art: Contemporary China Inkline theme Exhibition, Nanjing China 
The International Contemporary Art of Gwangju, Gwangju Korea 
2014 The 30th Korea Namboo International Contemporary Art Festival, Busan, Korea
                The First Nanjing International Art · Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, Nanjing China
                The Contemporary Ethnic Tutor Exhibition (Organized by the Art Research Institute of China), Mongolia/Italy
                Seoul International Art Fair, Seoul Korea
                Seoul Open World International Exhibition, Seoul Korea
2013 Meet By Chance International Art Exhibition of Sanya, Hainan China
                Korean International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Daegu Korea
                The First Great Wall International Biennale of Contemporary Art, The Great Wall, Beijing China
2012 Advancing with the Times of Ink China Overseas Tour Exhibition, International Confucius Institutes
                The First United Nations (China) International Art Festival of Friendship and Peace, Linzhou China
                BIEAF International Art Festival, Busan Korea
                The First International Beidaihe Steel Carving Art Exhibition, Qinhuangdao China
                The Korean International Contemporary Art Exhibition (Reisui), Reisui Korea
                Shenzhen International Chinese Ink Painting Biennale, Shenzhen China
2011 The 27th NICAF Korean International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Jeon Ju Korea
                Jeju International Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, Jeju island Korea
2010 The light of northeast Asia International Exhibition, Busan Korea
2009 The 25th Korea Namboo International Contemporary art Festival, Busan Korea
                Korea International Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, Seoul Korea
                BIEAF International Art Festival, Busan, Korea/Tokyo Japan
2003 Art Exhibition of New Painting Works, Beijing China
                Digital Movie Touring Exhibition, Organized by the China Association of Graphics and Image, Beijing China
                The Taipei Exhibition of Independence Movie, Taiwan China
2001 Beijing Bid for the 2008 Olympic Games Art Exhibition, Beijing China
                Bronze Age Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition of Young Artists, Yinchuan China 
Collection & Auction
In the past twenty years, Mr. XING Gang’s creations have been collected by institutions 
or individuals of China, English, Germany, France, America, Korea, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Australian, Ireland, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
April 7th, 2014. XING Gang’s artwork “Ji” was sold HKD 747,500 on Chinese Contemporary Ink Paintings auction of Poly Auction Hong Kong in 2011.