Too Hajimu | 十一


Born and grew up in Osaka, Japan, and is now still based in his hometown. Having interests in the sense of tranquility produced in the unstable composition, he has been searching for the total happiness through drawing. Driven by texture of the materials for Japanese paintings, he acquired painting and sculptural techniques through self-education.

1995  2rd Fork Art Ooya. Hyogo. Japan; Tokyo Object Festival.Tokyo. Japan.
1996  3rd Fork Art Ooya. Hyogo. Japan.
1998  Tokyo International Mini Print Triennial 1999. Tokyo. Japan.
2002  Syunki Souga. Tokyo. Japan.
2003  Syunki Souga. Tokyo. Japan; Syuuki Souga. Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art. Japan.
2004  BOLIVIA/JAPON. HIGRE17-15cas. Tokyo. Japan; 
           Kaiga Ni Miru Oigawa. Shimada Museum Shizuoka. Shizuoka. Japan.
2005  Tokyo International Mini Print Triennial 2005. Tokyo. Japan; GAW part V. shinjuku. Tokyo. Japan.
           Wonder seeds. Tokyo wondersite. Tokyo. Japan;  H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX WINDOW GALLERY. Tokyo. Japan.
2006  tenans. graf. Osaka. Japan; H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX WINDOW GALLERY. Tokyo. Japan.
           Watashi ga souzou suru tana. Kyoto. Japan; SHOWIMAGINO vol.11. Asahi Art squer. Tokyo. Japan.
           SHOWIMAGINO vol.10. graf. Osaka. Japan.
2007  Aosando. HPGRP gallery. Tokyo. Japan; Jardin Sacret. Paris. France.
           SOFIA. Red house. Sofia. Bulgaria;  Art meets Mac vol.2. Apple store ginza. Tokyo. Japan.
           Art meets Mac vol.1. Apple store ginza. Tokyo. Japan.
2008  Z project. 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art Kanazawa. Japan.
           Secret Auction. Kandada. Tokyo. Japan; Bicameral circus. Apple store ginza. Tokyo. Japan.
           Japan Bulgaria video art festa. Sofia. Bulgaria; Art meets Mac vol.4. Apple store ginza. Tokyo. Japan.
           Art meets Mac vol.3. Apple store ginza. Tokyo. Japan.
2009  Wonder seeds. Tokyo wondersite. Tokyo. Japan.
           Japan Prints Show. shanghai shengling art gallery. Shanghai. China.
     BEYOND ART NIPPONIA. Cultural Center of the Embassy of Japan. Burussel. Bergium.
           INTERART CITY. Burussel. Bergium.
           Bulgaria Digital Art Festival. The National Academy of Arts Sofia. Bulgaria.
           A-1 Granprix. Shanghai. China; Pict gallery. Osaka. Japan; Dellys gallery. Tokyo. Japan.
2010 3331 Arts Chiyoda. Tokyo. Japan; GAW partⅥ. Hyogo. Japan.
2011 If We Hold on Together. Shanghai. China
          Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition 2011. Shanghai. China.