Tao Hongjing | 陶 弘景


Tao Hongjing was born in China, Jiangsu province in 1979.

After graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy, he studied in the prestigious Beaux-Arts School in France. His works overview the economical changes affecting China. He passed away on April 4th, 2015 at the age of 36, during research for his final project.



2014 Safety Firt – Meou Art Centre, Shanghai (China)

2013 Retrospective – Studio Rouge, Hong Kong (China)

2013 Stamping Out – Studio Rouge on The Bund, Shanghai (China)

2012 Nirvana – Studio Rouge M50, Shanghai (China)

2011 Amithaba – Studio Rouge on the Bund, Shanghai (China)

2010 To Get Rich is Glorious – Studio Rouge at the Bund, Shanghai (China)

2009 To get rich is glorious – 1918 Artspace, Shanghai (China)



2014 Transmedia – Hongqiao Center, Shanghai (China)

Another City – Hongmei Art Festival, Shanghai (China)

Mono – Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai (China)

2013 Secret 7 – Chris Gile, Shanghai (China)

45cbm – Staatlich Kunsthalle, Baden-Baden (Germany) 

2012 Guanju Art Fair – Guanju (Korea)

The Carousel Collection – Kallio Kunsthalle, Helsinki (Finland)

Enter The Dragon – Studio Rouge on the Bund, Shanghai (China)

2011 Amithaba – Blue Lotus, Hong Kong (China)

2010 I am thinking of you – Dyaporama, Tokyo (Japan)

Beyond The Path of Madness – Dyaporama, Tokyo (Japan)

A Simple Story – Mladých Gallery, Brno (Czech Republic)

Yong Kang Lu Art Space, Shanghai (China)

2009 30 degrees – Red Gate Gallery, Beijing (China)

30 degrees – Island 6, Shanghai (China)

2008 Furniture – Passage, Lyon (France)

10 – 1918 Artspace, Shanghai (China)

Joseph Alois Schumpeter – Oui, Grenoble (France)

Kaleidoscope – Espace Brochage Express, Paris (France)

2007 Hello Beijing – 1918 Artspace, Beijing (China) 

Asian Art Fair – Pier 4, New-York (United States)




2014 La Marque Rouge – Catherine Becker, Cherche Midi Edition

2014 Safety First – Chang Fangyuan, Shanghai Publishing College Edition

2013 Tao Hongjing – George Mitchell, Studio Rouge Edition

2008 Schumpeter – Stephane Sauzedde, AAA Edition