Takuma KAMINE | 上根 拓馬


1978 Born in Osaka
2002 B.A., Painting Department of Fine Arts, Tokyo Zokei University 
2009 Tokyo Zokei University Fine Art part-time teacher
Solo Exhibition
2017 21st Century, The future of Takaamasahara, Bunkamura Box Gallerys, Tokyo Japan
        Apsaras in flight, EARTH + GALLERY, Tokyo Japan
2016 Hole dimension 8 Guardians + α, Arton Art Gallery, Kyoto Japan
2015 HOMURA, EARTH + GALLERY, Tokyo Japan
2014 33G – 28Gardiens Logical Thinking Material, Arton Art Gallery, Kyoto Japan
2013 Focusing on a new generation, GALERIE SOL, Tokyo Japan
        108 guardian Golden DAIDARA, METAL ART MUSEUM HIKARINOTANI, Chiba Japan
2011 12 Guardian-M, GALERIE SOL, Tokyo Japan
2010 BAVEL’s, GALERIE SOL, Tokyo Japan
2009 Atlanticus, GALERIE SOL, Tokyo Japan
2008 Project of NOA, GALERIE SOL, Tokyo Japan
2006 Gluttony Adam and Eve, gallery OPEN DOOR, Tokyo Japan
        To the ultimate life form…, Design Office Platform, Tokyo Japan
2005 Order ∞ Chaos, gallery OPEN DOOR, Tokyo Japan
Group Exhibition
2017 Kyoto Art for Tomorrow, The Museum of Kyoto, Kyoto Japan
2016 See Visions, Arton Art Gallery, Kyoto Japan 
2011 Mr.I Mr.Y collection exhibition, Akutsu gallery, Gunma Japan
2006 4th MOVE Art Management・Portfolio Competition, Design Office Platform, Tokyo Japan
2005 Birth Art! Artist Award Exhibition, Hachioji YUME Art Museum, Tokyo Japan
2004 Hirake Goma! Vol.2 Birth Art, Hachioji YUME Art Museum, Tokyo Japan
2003 Tokyo Wonderwall 2003, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo Japan
Art Fairs
2017 Apsaras in flight Art Fair TOKYO 2017, Gallery Kouzome Bijutsu, Tokyo Japan
2010 +PLUS Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair 2010, Tokyo Art Club, Tokyo Japan


I have few clear memories of my childhood. 
But I remember being taken around the temples in Kyoto a lot. That’s where I first encountered Buddhist statues. 
I knew nothing about these statues, but I could sense the mysterious atmosphere they exuded and the dense aura that oozed from them. I remember having been terrified. 
My young mind must have sensed the universe within them, but at the time, I didn’t understand what that was. That feeling, however, etched itself deep in my mind. 
Around the same time, I became fascinated with the space suits in Sci-Fi movies and Japanese-style robots. I sensed in these a similar feeling, as if they gave off the same kind of “smell.” 
Soon I had forgotten my fear and started thinking that these things looked pretty cool. 
When production became a major part of my life, I rediscovered this feeling, which I had partially forgotten. I began delving into it and expressing it in my works. 
My mode of expression is model figures, and I call works that I have imbued with this mentality, “Guardians.” This method allows me to directly express what I sensed in the Buddhist statues and robots as a child. They seem to serve the role of a holy ark in a synagogue or a precious chest that contains important things. 
I want to incorporate into these chests that I call Guardians that certain “something” which I define as all the special feelings we accumulate in our lives. 
—— Takuma KAMINE