Fashion designer, artist, columnist, the owner of Shun art gallery.
Graduated from the master course of BUNKA fashion school, while undertaking Ph.D in Economics at Tokyo University in Japan. Once studied in ESMOD PARIS.
Now lives and works in Tokyo and Shanghai.
Solo Exhibitions
2018 Déjà vu, Yanbian University Academy of Finearts Museum, Yanji China
2014 Invisible Eye, Shanghai China
2013 Extreme Blue, Shanghai China
Missing, Shanghai China
2008 Solo exhibition at Matsvyama Garden Museum in Japan.
        The double solo-exhibitions “Cute Personification” and “The Merged Love”, Zhu qizhan Museum, Shanghai China
GEISAI MUSEUM 2, Tokyo Japan
2007 the gnosis about three city, Shanghai China 
                Green Men and Red Woman, Shanghai China
                Wild rose color sunglasses, Paris France 
2006 A chance meeting, Shanghai China 
                Life worry, Tokyo Japan
Group Exhibitions
2012Sea of Peace, Incheon Korea
2011 Nature and modern form, Ming garden art center, Shanghai China
                The Codex of Unknown Energy – Artists from China, Japan& Korea, Shanghai China
2008 359°Three in One China-Japan Art Exchange in Two Cities, Shun Art Gallery in Shanghai and Museum of LuXun Art Academy in Shenyang, China
                The 35th SEISU Exhibition 08 at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Japan



2008 MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) prize of Seisukai