SHI Yiqun|施逸群


SHI Yiqun



Born in Shanghai, China.

Currently lives and works in Shanghai.




2021    Cement Park behavior activities “Ring the Bell for the Unknown Clock Tower” & “Smoke 500 Puffs of Cigarettes in the Triangle”, TIANWU Space, Shanghai, China

2020    Studied at Fondazione Il Bisonte: Printmaking school in Florence, Italy

2018    Studied at Florence Academy of Fine Arts, NUOVO LINGUAGGIO DIPITTURA – Corsi Singoli, Florence, Italy

2017    Graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Shanghai University (Currently called Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts), Shanghai, China

2015    Studied at Nantes Atlantic School of Design, Nantes, France

           Works “Green Forest”, “Man in the Night” and “Colosseum” collected by the school.

           Work “Me” participated in JIN JINSHI Oil Painting Portrait Exhibition.

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