Salvo PASTORELLO | 沙沃·帕斯特雷洛


Salvo PASTORELLO was born in Noto(Sicily). The exposition activity of the 70’s is national in nature, but starting by the 90’s his works had been exposed in many countries. In 2011, he was invited to exhibited at the 54th International Art Exhibition LA BIENNALE DI EVENZIA. His art is vivid, colored abstractionism that is not completely untied to the figure, but it makes it a symbol for other hidden meanings. His search also reflects on the canvas themes that closely concern contemporary society (refuges, starvation, news and feelings, etc.) In PASTORELLO’s works there is something clear and certain: Art must consider as its centre the trouble that derives from the implications of a close examination of the relationships between spirit and matter, illusionary and real truth. And this trouble materializes in “ second thoughts, erasure and reiteration“ of creative fact. He lives and works in both Italy and China.
Solo Exhibition
2017 Centri Culturali del Royal Fornace di Porcellana,Jingdezheng Jiangxi, CHINA
SPSI Art Museum Hua Cui Art Center, Shanghai, CHINA
                Red Truth, Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai, CHINA
2016 Peter Gallery, Desenzano del Garda, ITALY 2004
                Kenneth Raymond Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida, USA
2015 Galerie Kley, Hamm, GERMANY
                Takashimaya Shanghai, CHINA
2014 Reflex Art, Shanghai, CHINA 2006
                ART-VERONA Galleria Ghelfi, Verona, ITALY
2013 Gensler Gallery, Shanghai, CHINA 2007
                ART-VERONA Galleria Machina, Brescia, ITALY
2011  LA BIENNALE DI VENEZIA Syrian Arab Republic Pavilion, ITALY
                Comune di Noto La nube della Conoscenza, Noto, ITALY
2010  Galleria Mart San Marino, Repubblica di San Marino
Expo Village Shanghai 2010, Shanghai, CHINA
2009  Galerie Kley, Hamm, GERMANY
2003  Philadelphia-Art Galleria Ghelfi, Philadelphia, USA
                Gallery ART+ Merryck Park, Miami, USA
2002 Fine Art Gallery, Oslo, NORWAY
                Jade Lw Gallery, Miami Beach, USA
2001  ART Miami 2001, Miami Beach, USA
                Galleria Majorana, Brescia, ITALY
                Galleria Due Spine, Rovereto, ITALY
2000  ART Miami 2000, Miami Beach, USA
1999  Galleria Zabbeni, Vevey, SWITZERLAND
                Galleriet Gourdon, Oslo, NORWAY
                Galleria Ghelfi, Verona, ITALY
1998  Galleria San Michele, Milan, ITALY
1997  Galleriet Gourdon, Oslo, NORWAY
1995  Galleria Vinciana, Milan, ITALY
1994  Galleria Ghelfi, Verona, ITALY
1993  Galleria San Michele, Milan, ITALY
1992 Galleria Rivera, Torino, ITALY
1991  Galleria ARTE-OGGI, Verona, ITALY
                Galleria Art-idea, Zurigo, SWITZERLAND
1990  Palazzo del Comune di Garda, Garda , ITALY
1989  Galleria San Michele, Brescia , ITALY
                Galleria Sottoriva, Verona, ITALY
1988  Galleria Sottoriva, Verona, ITALY
1987  Galleria San Michele, Brescia , ITALY
1986  Galleria Sottoriva, Verona, ITALY
1982  Galleria Sottoriva, Verona, ITALY
1974  Galleria Benaco, Bardolino, ITALY
Principal Group Exhibitions

2015 Nanjing International Art Fair, Nanjing, CHINA
2013 Peter Gallery, Desenzano del Garda, ITALY
2011 Peter Gallery, Desenzano del Garda, ITALY
2009 ART-BERGAMO Galleria Artantide, Verona , ITALY
ART-PADOVA Galleria Ghelfi, Verona, ITALY
VICENZA-ART Galleria Ghelfi, Verona, ITALY
Galerie Kley, Hamm, GERMANY
                Il Frscino dell ‘900, Palazzo Callas, Sirmione, ITALY
                Peter Gallery, Desenzano del Garda, ITALY
2008  LUGANO ART Galleria Artantide, Verona, ITALY
ART-PADOVA Galleria Ghelfi, Verona, ITALY
2007  Sette Artisti, Brescia, ITALY
2005  Ars Opus Apertum, Castiglione, ITALY
2003  Jade Lw Gallery, Miami Beach, USA
2001  Due Percorsi una Meta, Brescia, ITALY
1997 ART Reggio Emilia Galleria Majorana, Brescia, ITALY
1996 Sotto Passo, Verona, ITALY
1994 Fasti Minori, Torri del Benaco, ITALY
1992 Galleria San Michele, Milan, ITALY
1991 Galleria San Michele, Brescia, ITALY
1990 Galleria Arte-Oggi, Verona, ITALY