Pei jing | 裴 晶


1962 Born in Beijing
1983 Graduated from the Stage Design Department of shanghai Drama Academy

Solo Exhibitions
2008 Hero•Beauty, FEIZI Gallery, Shanghai, China
2007 Revolutionary Smile, Feizi Gallery, Shanghai
2000 the Floating Life, Top Art Gallery, Shanghai
1996 A Colorful Life, Tongfu Art Gallery & Languifang Art Gallery, H.K.
1992 the Main Trend, Art Gallery of Shanghai Drama Academy, Shanghai

Group Exhibitions
2008 Chinese Contemporary Artwork on the Paper, Athens, Greece
Goodbye! My love, Shanghai Shun Art, China
Naked, 140sqm Gallery, Shanghai, China
Individual in the City, Refined Nest Gallery, Shanghai, China
Beijing Black Bridge 08 Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing, China
A Dialogue – Shanghai Contemporary Art Exhibition , Nancy’s gallery, Shanghai, China
New Image of China, Italy
2007 the Summer of Opportunism, Fine Arts Literature Art Centre, Wuhan, China
The Nobleness Found On Paper, Art Musuem of Guangzhou Fine Arts Institution, China
Cross the Border – contemporary print exhibition in 2007, Shanghai, China
The opening of Feizi Gallery, FEIZI Gallery, Shanghai, China
Contemporary Eleven Artists, 696 Space, Shanghai, China
Shanghai Art Fair 2007, China
2006 Paper Artworks – Invitational Exhibition for the artists from Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou & Guangzhou
Subtlety – Paper Works of the Oil Painters in Shanghai, Shanghai, China
2004 the Course of Nature, Shanghai, China
Artworks of Shanghai’s Teachers, Shanghai, China
2003 the Wind on the Sea – Shanghai Contemporary Art Exhibition Hamburg, German
A Dialogue in the backyard, Xinjiang, China
the Wind of East Asia – Contemporary Artworks of Chinese, Japanese and Korean Artists Shanghai, China
Different Choice, Shanghai, China
Faith and Distortion, Shanghai, China
Transformation of Art Semantic Meaning and Displacement of Culture,Shanghai, China
2002 Exchange Exhibition of Artworks between Shanghai & Inchon Shanghai,China & Inchon, Korea the Back of the Art, Singapore
the Edge of Figural Art, Shanghai, China
2000 The Red, Top Floor Art gallery, Shanghai
1999 City Beauty-the Invitational Painting Show of New Imageries Art Gallery
Shanghai Art Academy Shanghai
the Great Art Show of the Youth in Shanghai Liu Haisu Art Gallery, Shanghai
1998 the Communicatonal Art Show. Contemporary H.K. , Taibei&shanghai
1997 the Assembly of the Creation of New Meanings, H.K. Reference Center, H.K.
the Great Chinese Art Show Contemporary Oil Painting Show, Liu Haisu Art Gallery ,Shanghai